The Psychology of Religion

(Mel Saint) #1

I’ve recently come across an article stating a study that those churchgoers have higher life expectancy. But did they also find a higher correlation between being a church goer and being judgmental? Because I saw that from my father, he always attends mass but he is a very judgmental person. That’s why I thought to myself, if church going just validates your critical judgment of other people then what’s the sense of still attending mass? Or maybe religion is personal, what might apply to him, and people of his age (I worked in the Annuities so I definitely know how the old people think) doesn’t necessarily apply to me. Because I’m getting depressed lately. I haven’t tried any antidepressants yet, since my stupid doctor just prescribed lithium carbonate which is not effective at all. I paid a lot of money for the consultation fee just to be prescribed a drug that isn’t even working. I’m getting tired lately. I feel like being kind and nice is hardly appreciated. Maybe a drug can alter my view. I want to know. Or maybe I should go back to attending mass. I’m trying to find for a solution for my depression. For now, I am deeply exhausted.

(Bill Ames) #2

Are you judging yourself? That is a difficult situation, you may wish to improve yourself. But do not know how. You may wish to focus on others that you may be able to help, help can be done in many ways. Sometimes just a smile is all that is needed. If you spend your time helping others you will find you are feeling much better. The more time you think of others the better you will feel. Try it, works every time.

(mohammed loukili) #3

Lorsque un homme ne peut pas prendre seul une décision adulte, il deviendra un maniaco-dépressif. Si vous vivez sous le rocher et n’avez pas regardé les particules de lumière qui jaillissent du fond, vous êtes un grand perdant…

(mohammed loukili) #4

Dans tous les cas, il faut être confiant, même si les résultats ne sont pas au rendez-vous.Il faut rester confiant malgré les différents échecs.

(Chris Lagos) #5

Regular church attendance throughout your lifetime can carry a stabilizing continuity of narrative , and reduce stress overall that could otherwise lower the life span.