The role of ideas in the political and cultural realm

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“Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change.” – Barbara Januszkiewicz In the bigger scheme of things, “ideas” fuel innovation, progress, and change. It’s a tool for power, success, and fame. In fact, the world revolves around ideas. But what does an “idea” mean to each of us? And how does it affect our own reality–and…

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Wow. Thank you @genefe for this powerful and beautifully written post. You clearly share my belief in the potential of ideas and this can only be enhanced by the original genius idea of creating ideapod so that ideas can be universally shared and developed through cooperation.
Any flaws found in a new idea that might stunt It, when viewed by a large audience, provides the potential for some lateral thinking and more ideas to unearth solutions.
I found this post and the included quotes extremely uplifting and hopeful. I love your attitude and look forward to reading your poetic works.
Ideas, like poetry and songs, come from the heart and the head. Beginning the creative process of turning an idea into a physical reality however requires planning and care and if it’s to be for the benefit of all and has the potential to change the world, it’s not unreasonable to expect a little help or at least some encouragement.
Your words are very encouraging.

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@Shrewbag I appreciate your courage in putting your idea out there in this post. It’s definitely that process of articulating an idea and getting feedback that can make the original idea stronger.

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Thank you @justinbrown. I always expected repercussions but what you call courage I’m sure many would call stupidity. Oh well, there you go lol.

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@justinbrown I think you’d have to agree that my idea has got a pretty good response so far and although I don’t wish to change the subject to be about me, I’m intrigued by your choice of the word ‘courage’. I accept that by teaching people an alternative way to earn money that isn’t as time intensive as the standard 40 hour week would cause problems, it would equally provide the finances to fix these problems.
You might not share my vision as to the potential life and world changing effects my idea will have (especially when it gets on the news) but because of your compliment it makes me wonder.

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Keep turning the prism of perspective…