The Struggles of Rat Race

(Mel Saint) #1

For me, I don’t understand people who work 9-to-5. Because in my view, you can just trade for 1-2 hours and you would earn more than what you could possibly earn for a year working. I was always wondering, what would you do, if you don’t need to work anymore? How you use the rest of your day? Work is monotonous and never ending. And yet you’re a like a rat in a treadmill with never ending bills.

Let’s say I share my secret, I only trade for 1-2 hours, and that’s it. What would be the reaction of the other person? Will she ask me to treat her because I earn a lot, as if she invested money in me? Or will she guilt trip and borrow money and never pay me back?

What if you are earning lots of money like me. Will you live a hedonistic life? And belittle others who are struggling? Will you forget God and be wrapped up in consumeristic excess?

(John Bickerstaff) #2

Not really wondering about your technique, bit worried about attitude towards making money. God has given you a talent to use, so use it for the betterment of those around you, those you can positively affect. I spend my time off reading posts and articles that bring me closer to the truth.

(Deniz Comlekcioglu) #3

I think the ultimate question is, how much ambiguity are we able to live with. I had my own business up until the start of this year. It was very hands on. Typical bricks and mortar. I felt like I was at work 24/7, not because of what I was doing daily, more the future proofing. Jack of all trades.

After coming out of that, the rat race looks like a walk in the park to tell the truth.

Having said that, I started another company. Glutton for punishment.

(Mel Saint) #4

Yeah I do understand, traditional business is not easy, it’s a lot harder than rat race of employment. It’s going out of your comfort zone and taking risks and working hard. But I’m not managing any business. I am just trading online for 1-2 hours and that’s it! I detest the corporate structure with all my life! I don’t want to be a slave to my business. That’s why I concentrated on full time trading.

(Justin Brown) #5

I feel the same way. Completely detest it. What I hate most is the way power operates within corporations between managers and those being managed. There would surely be wonderful examples of managers who can manage in a way that brings out the creativity and autonomy of their misnamed “subordinates”. But I think it’s pretty rare.

(Bill Ames) #6

One needs to have someone to be responsible to. Your own business, it is the customer, but when you work for someone who owns the business you need to share their goals. If you do this you both will have a good relationship. If you view this other person, a manager, as a person you can not share values with you need to change jobs. Some people with their own business do not know who the customer is and they try to serve themselves. This will result in a failing situation, you need to know your customer and that is not the person in the mirror.