Thinking out loud together


Ideapod posits putting it out there to potentially pollinate.

Thinking out loud together offers focal points around different ideas or themes to build upon personally or invite others to jump in to help incubate and nurture an idea or project, leave comments, or simply follow the evolution of an idea.


I’m looking forward to exploring and getting a #senseof what we can make out of all of this.

One of the first things I asked originally in Ideapod Beta was “Why Ideapod?”

What’s your why?


@justinbrown I wonder how different your why is now vs when you first started Ideapod?


I think it’s been a big journey exploring my own personal “why” or “purpose”, and how to live a life connected with it. There have been many ebbs and flows, many initiatives connected with this purpose and a number of ventures disconnected from the purpose.

Last year I had a great experience with @Ruda in Sao Paulo where he helped me to see that I’ve been living a life connected with this purpose the whole way through Ideapod. Here’s a video capturing that experience.

I articulated three driving focuses throughout the journey:

  1. Creating intimate, deep and meaningful connections between people
  2. Connecting with the “flow state” and helping others to do the same, particularly with the expression of their creativity
  3. Creating a structure or stability around the expression of creativity

The platforms offered by Ideapod have changed along the journey, as has the business model. But I think this core focus has remained pretty steady.

I’m super appreciative of people like you @eleprocon, as well as others like @Lachlan, @ruda, @jeanette, @brendanbrown and so many others who have been a part of this journey as well. The ebbs and flows will continue, but hopefully we’ll maintain this connection with the “why”.

How do you see the journey?


It’s been an interesting time in my life since I bumped into Ideapod when you launched in beta in 2014. It was Jason Silva who introduced me to Ideapod in his video, The Power of Ideas.

The original allure to me was timing. The timing of me wanting to engage in my mind, and life, in a different way than I had recently been over the years. I was starting to reconnect with a side of me that needed to be incited again.

I saw Ideapod as a blank slate, a new platform to build upon, relate and play around with ideas all the while connecting with others and their ideas. The idea of such a synergy was very exciting to me. I took to it like a kid in a candy store. It’s what my story was about.

With new tools to play with, a budding community with new friends, different perspectives, knowledgeable dialog, and a way to keep my projects engaged have kept me inspired.

I entered Ideapod not knowing what would come of it. That’s usually how I paint. I start a blank canvas playing around making a mess then head into the chaos and let the painting find me.

After the first six months in Ideapod a book spilled out of me called My_Ideapod. I never expected that.

Over the last five years new threads of story, new artwork, poetry, wordplay, thoughts and a bunch of unfinished ideas have been incubated because of finding Ideapod and having a sense of place to nurture them.

All of this has culminated in more chaos on my canvas of life. It’s that never ending idea trying to will itself into being. Trying to make sense of it all. Wanting to echo out loud what is silently known inside.

And now… that blank canvas has blossomed into an Ideapod gallery setting context, marking milestones, looking back at the last fairytale and evolving our next new mythOS.

I’m still not really sure of the why, I’m hoping it will find me.


It’s been fascinating to witness and co-create in your journey.

@josiah would be great to know more about your own journey and where things are at right now.


@Eleprocon was wondering how long it would take for you to see the #ideajournal category :wink: You don’t really miss a beat.

Something to note also is that it’s pretty easy to add links to our discussions. It can be links to Ideapod content or anywhere in the web.

The database is keeping track of everything and there’s a table that shows the most clicked on links.

So for the forthcoming #frontpage we can do a few interesting things with this…


@justinbrown …and I wondered how long it would take for you to notice that I noticed :wink:

Yes, I can see a lot of potential with the way you contextualized this space in relationship to how we built the original Ideapod and used it.

I’m really looking forward to the evolution of this new platform and the expanded capabilities from whence we came.


Ok @justinbrown this is great to see how this all works together as it comes together!

In this case we seeded an idea here in thinking out loud together which blossomed into this article and stimulated the conversations, and related ideas we wove together…