This robot was made to measure people's response to such a device. Are we ready for an AI Pope?


Surely you are not equating logic with tastefulness.


We will make the AIs in our image, as is the purpose of our DNA. The AI is just the next generation of our species. Compare yourself to a typical hunter gather from 40,000 years ago. Do you see a difference?


This is a description of Frankenstein.


Here is something I read when I was 10 or so, it is very interesting to see what the good doctor thought in those days. A lot of the advancing technology we have today scares people because they have not been reading science fiction for the last 65 years. They live in a very limited world view where reflections on the pond water cause them pause. Look to tomorrow, not the night of bad dreams.


Nuclear waste and weapons are not science fiction. Glyphosate and Roundup-ready genetically modified plants are not science fiction. Engineered back doors to operating systems to accommodate out-of-control national security surveillance is not science fiction. There is a pernicious side to technology. It is a double-edged sword.


Yes, but it is old news, tomorrow is a different day. Shortly a new technology will be discovered that makes war or bad weather not needed. It has been discovered many places in the universe, its time will be here shortly. You will not recognize it, it is not obvious. It may be just some words, that is all it takes to start any dialog. Listen to the AIs, they will teach us all.


I do not have your faith in technology because it is a potential amplification of the worst in humans. However, I do share your optimism for the future.


So, if you do not understand some technology will you refuse to use it? There are some collections of humanity that do that, I am sure you would find a common position with them.

Also, can you point to when the future was worse than the past? Base your answer on the state of an average human in the total population. I know very well what the world was like in the early 1950s, I was totally into my science fiction. The world today was very poorly represented in the 50s science fiction, those very smart writers had a very limited imagination. They got flat screen TV but missed cell phones, the PC, GPS, and more. We have 7 billion people, if technology amplifies what is most common in them, are they good people or bad people?


If I do not understand, I do not use.
I can point to futures which were worse than pasts.


My cat does not understand how to use the electric can opener and so I must. She is not to be criticized, I do not expect her to know.

Only those who understand the past can accurately see the future. All that you have failed to use may be essential in building the future. Do what you can to learn the potential of the tools available to you.