Thoughts on the Modern Life


I am in no way advocating any form of hate speech. But the Biblical prophecies are objective by nature, and we cannot obliterate that fact to accomodate our postmodern view of thinking. In the modern life, it is supposed to be easy and convenient. Like how you can order everything quickly from Amazon. Only the Americans can afford that luxury of speed, as their logistics is very efficient, the roads are wide, the houses are huge, the zoning is systematic. Contrast that with the Philippines, with lots of traffic, congested streets, small houses, little land. But if you’ve never been to any country aside from the US, of course tendency is to take that for granted. America is already a saturated market, being the world leader in technology and innovation, there is nothing left to innovate. That’s why Bill Gates frequents Africa because there’s nothing left to improve in America while in Africa, there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

Given this backdrop, people are still not contented. People are still blaming Wall Street. I also don’t get the logic behind that since trading is a highly risky activity and you get to assume the risk of your investment. People are complaining of the rising cost of living, of the expensive healthcare system. Well the wages are expensive so those will be passed on the customers. If you want a cheaper price, then it should be cheaper wages as well. It’s a double edged sword.


What is your point in this post? If you present something that a person can digest and come away with some actionable thoughts? If you just state facts and random thoughts what kind of an impact do you think you will have. If what you are telling us is the world is very different here and there and what is good for one place is not for another, you are just stating the obvious and not helping with solutions for a specific place. You are addressing 7 billion people, what is your “common” point?


Thanks for your constructive criticism, Bill! I do appreciate it. But this is just the Part 1. The “actionable” will come in Part 2. I don’t agree though with “stating the obvious”. What is obvious to you, isn’t necessarily obvious to majority of Americans. If you are well traveled, then it will be “obvious”. That’s why we have what we call “First World Problems”. These are trivial problems that seem so much of a big deal to a whining common American.


The world is full of problems. Are we with less problems supposed to help solve the problems of those who have it worse?


It’s your choice whether you want to help or not. You are not being forced to help anyone. Charity should come from the heart. You are not obliged to do anything. God gave us free will to do whatever we want.


So nearly every day you fail to address the needs of the 7 billion or so people with needs, your choice. Now, did God give us the ability to help all 7 Billion? No, not really. So we can not do whatever we want. So, as we look at the world of 7 billion, what are we supposed to do? Perhaps “do no harm” is our real purpose?


The first paragraph was ambiguous as to its point.
The second paragraph was just wrong on so many levels.

Should people not blame wall Street for the bailouts, was there price reduction passed on to the consumer after the bailouts ? No in this country it’s free market for us and socialism for the rich.
I started working decades ago as a bricklayer here in the Sacramento valley. In those days, one weeks wages could pay the average mortgage. Today it takes two weeks wages. 3 weeks in the bay area. If you say we have no right to complain about rising costs, I disagree completely.
Back when I started, one weeks pay covered the mortgage, the 2nd week covered food costs for my family, the 3rd week paid bills, the 4th week went to the economy overall. Today people’s ability to fund the economy is lessened substantially. That should be a concern to wall St but it isn’t.


I also remember when I started a family. Your analysis is correct, we could afford things back then. The world is changing, we have robots and AIs and self scan check outs. It is not wrong for a business to find a better way for the business. If someone starts a business how much responsibility does it have for their bottom line and for the welfare of the world? Is there room in the world for both consumers and producers that are not one and the same? In 2520 will there be shopping malls, comic books, schools? Will there be poor illiterate people? What will people do? Hopefully we will al be working in factories making stuff for our alien overlords. We will owe our soul to the company store.


The thing is, I worked for Wall Street as a stockbroker for Morgan Stanley, Voya and Prudential. Wall Street is always the scapegoat. What I learned as a stockbroker is that you will assume the risk for all your investments. And no one can save you but yourself. What caused the crash was greed for money. And everyone is a part of it. To blame Wall Street is not totally right. Since there are people who are not qualified to buy homes but they took the bait even if they know for themselves that they couldn’t pay the mortgage. There are sales reps who were aggressive in hitting their quotas never mind if their customers couldn’t pay anymore. There are blue collar employees who don’t bother to invest. There are risk takers who made fortunes in the stock market.


I’ve said this time and again: there will be no 2520, AI, robots, Jetsons, Back to the Future. All of those are exaggerated views of the future. The best thing that humanity could produce is Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri (I worked for both Apple and Amazon). That’s it. No flying cars, no robot slaves.


Truth is a duality, yes I believe in taking responsibility on oneself, but come on man. Really ?
For example, Obama forced us all to buy healthcare en Fiat to theoretically lower costs across the field, did the rate of cost increase lower at all since then ?


I don’t know how to answer that, since I’m coming from a country with no healthcare system so I appreciate everything that US has to offer. And the philosophy of my life no longer revolves around the mundane, or the everyday worries of a working man. Not to be arrogant or whatnot, but I simply do not subscribe to the idea that all our life’s purpose is tied up into solving how to pay our bills. It’s not that I’m brushing off your struggles, I do acknowledge them. But I do have different struggles of my own. That’s why I am an Existentialist. The emptiness of my life is always permeating my soul. It’s like once you have done conquering the rat race part, what’s next? What does life has to offer more? If my way of thinking is simply wired to “work is life” philosophy, then no thoughts of emptiness will ever enter my mind. But I don’t think that way. I wish I was just simple minded.


What is next? Be creative, it is a wonderful feeling. Start now, do not wait, need help, ideas, direction, just ask me. It seems you may have the necessary resources, so use them to access the world through your creativity.


I know how to answer it, the answer is no the rate of cost increase didn’t lower at all to the consumer that you dismiss with your contemptible statement. That’s just one example of why people complain of the rising cost of living.


When I was starting my trading career, everyone was just laughing at me. I was just looking at charts all day long, attending seminars left and right, studying how the market works. I never saw anyone of those FB whiners. The cost will infinitely rise through time, that’s what we call inflation. What do we ought to do? It won’t regress back in time. It will just infinitely go up so the solution is to find for other source of income. I definitely will have a different mindset since I’m coming from the financial industry. The complaints are valid, but what are the solutions?


Glad you at least see that the complaint is valid. Your statement at top of post seemed quite the opposite.


Live in your world, where you are in control within the limits of your resources. Do not let any of the noise of the real world cause you to participate in the conversations. You can watch it as if it were just a movie or TV show but it is not real. You are real. Create the world in which you want to live. It can be fiction, screen plays, art or even finding people who need help and doing so. However, that path is never discussed with anyone, it is between you and your God. When you create or help you feel good. And that is good.


Would you believe that in our recently held Senatorial election, there was a cardiologist who ran for Senate who is always quoting the American healthcare system? And yet you are critical of it. Maybe you could lecture our Filipino doctor about it.