Time travel mindset Theory is what i had always believe, wow!

(Nestor Zamot) #1

I have always believed that was real. I feel that we as people just need to realize that time travel is not a psychical state in which we can exit in a moment of time or a moment that we can mentally exist in and do have always done so all at once. please, this when I do think of time travel as more of mental exitance. It is for this I believe that pretty much we all time travel when we are thinking to access information on a moment be it the past, present or future. what do you think?

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(Bill Ames) #2

I agree. I was just thinking how I could just close my eyes and see the world 200 years from now. Very interesting. I do this in my writing but there the real does not always suit my story, my plot, so I modify to meet my needs. AIs will be very useful in 2219 but you know that, right?

(Nestor Zamot) #3

LOL, yeah but I sometime wounder if in the future will AI’s will really be creative with all the history of information it will have access too. Which leads me to think will an AI use the time travel mindset also? I don’t know, I am just thinking. it is silly right?

(Justin Brown) #4

This is somewhat related. I just created a video about how open minded people have a different experience of reality:

(Bill Ames) #5

AI are just part of us, sort of like an extra cpu and share all our knowledge and ideas and thoughtful time travel. They will help us avoid a fixed mindset, the universe is ever changing, so many players on the stage.