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How come the community isn’t engaging in conversations? (How come spell check doesn’t work right?)


Hi @SuzanneTaylor, it’s so nice to see you here.

Right now Ideapod Discussions is only available to the Prime members. We’re still testing a few things before we make it available to the public.

The way it works is that every article published on the site automatically creates a discussion topic here. These discussions show up in comments at the bottom of every article.

Other topics can also be created in here.

My hope is that people start to meet here while exploring new ways of thinking.

Glad you’ve taken the time to explore the new functionality. Hope you’re doing well.


I posted this because there isn’t any engagement happening by anyone. How to get people engaged is a question I’d like answered in case it can shed light regarding my blog:, where people will email me to make comments but not put them on the site.


@eleprocon thoughts on this question?


Hello @SuzanneTaylor nice to meet you here. Since this space in Ideapod has just started and we are the few I’m not sure its a good time to try to take a reading, yet.

I bet @justinbrown gets a lot of emails as well. It would be interesting to hear from him re direct email interaction vs. online comments interaction with users and what channel receives more activity.


In my experience of Ideapod, it’s always been the case that about 98% of people will read or watch material, with about 2% of people contributing to the conversation.

I think Ideapod Discussions will follow a similar format, and that’s fine.

Here’s a few things that are coming:

  • A new “Contribute” page where users can submit articles for publication on Ideapod. For example, we just published this guest contribution that was emailed in. Soon anyone can go to a page and submit an article. I need to establish some pretty clear guidelines… We have some here.
  • Each article published creates a “discussion” here. The discussion shows up as “comments” at the bottom of the aticle.
  • We have a readership of approx 2 million people monthly. Each published is a “story or idea” and generates these discussions. Over time more and more people will come and join us in this discussions area… For now it’s not open to the public as we haven’t finished
  • We will have more salons like ours @SuzanneTaylor discussing Osho’s key ideas.
  • Also note: we’ll have a completely new front page at which will surface articles based on the engagement happening in here… Which in turn means others will easily come in and join the conversations…

@Eleprocon you’ll be interested to see this blog post on @SuzanneTaylor’s site:

Pretty amazing that a salon conversation ended up being written about all over the world, including at Osho News :slight_smile: