Unique money making idea with a good foundation!

(Bill Ames) #1

Continuing the discussion from Automatic Money Earning Network:

I just realized what is happening here. It is one idea creating another. Here is my money making idea:

Take the seed idea from “Automatic Money Earning Network,” do the necessary research to create a viable business plan in the area of the world where you have substantial knowledge. Offer this business plan on a limited basis (sort of a self-imposed area exclusivity) for a nominal fee. You do not guarantee any results, but because you have done an excellent job of collecting data and have used one of the best business plans templates, your product should stand the test of the market place. You are risking nothing and the original idea offered nothing more than a concept.

(Barry McCormack) #2

Perfect. Now change that from me to you :+1:
I’m confident you already have the skills.

(Bill Ames) #3

I am retired and focusing on my screenplay. I use Ideapod to exercise my mind. The idea here is for those who wish to make money, your idea should show them the way as it obviously is a money maker, so it is just the next step for someone to take in their lives. Opportunity knocks. If not for your seed idea I would not have thought of my idea so you have already made ripples in the universal mind pool.

(Barry McCormack) #4

Thank you my friend. Maybe someone else will recognise the opportunity. I guess I could try but that kind of commitment is scary. Let’s wait a while and see.

(ACD) #5

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