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I feel like the real me isn’t the “real” me portrayed in society as we know it because I am considered as a person who is opinionated but who at the same time also doesn’t know when to speak up and probably should. Maybe that’s the genius in my mind trying to be humble or maybe I just suck at living this thing called life because it’s incredibly hard to be human. I say that not just as an individual who not only struggles with anxiety and depression but is autistic. The problem is most people only look at autism one way and that’s completely illiterate and out of context; it’s unfortunately a spectrum. However what’s even more unfortunate is that this spectrum is not very easy to follow due to the stereotypes that are cast on my kind. Let’s change the conversation meanwhile given what I have just said and apply that knowledge so as to put it to better usage; for the world and more importantly for those who have the disabilities such as autism. It may have started there but there is so much more out there: just to make a few; cerebral palsy, down syndrome, turrets and bipolar. To the future of mankind, this has been my #who’swho attention grabber and topic starter. I look forward to being a member of this fine community.


Ryan Lloyd Sorrells


Hi @suckmyknowledge86, interesting username :slight_smile: Welcome to Ideapod.

It’s very nice to read your #whoswho. I would love to learn more about your autism, how you perceive the world and your experience of people’s social constructions of how they think you will be.

When Ideapod first began many years ago as a social network for ideas, one of the earliest ideas was about seeing the world through the eyes of autistic children. It formed a big impression on me.

18 months ago I remember clearly being in Bangkok and writing this article:

I look forward to getting to know you better in the discussions here.