VIDEO: Jobe Watson opens up about life after football

(Justin Brown) #1

Unless you’re Australian, you probably won’t know who Jobe Watson is.

He’s a former Australian rules footballer who played for Essendon, the team I’ve supported my whole life. He was a champion player and became embroiled in one of the world’s largest sports drugs sagas ever. He was innocent (in my view) but ended up becoming banned for 12 months, along with 33 other players.

It’s quite a remarkable story and not worth going into here.

But the key point for me is that Jobe always showed such great character throughout. He’s someone I admire deeply.

In this 15 minute video you can get a snapshot into his mindset. He said the dramas around the drugs saga and getting banned taught him a lot of resilience.

He also said his year of being banned got him to have to face up to what he says is one of life’s most important questions: who am I?

I found this part fascinating. I think it’s a question for all of us.

(Justin Brown) #2

@jeanette @graeme check this out.

(Neil Simpson) #3

Shame Mark Thompson was not able to fill his post-football career so well.

(Justin Brown) #4

He did well as a premiership coach but unfortunately his addictions got the better of him. Apparently the drugs saga took a big toll. I feel incredibly sorry for him.