We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down, according to NASA scientists

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Our natural creative genius is stifled from the time we are born. At TEDxTucson, Dr. George Land dropped a bombshell when he told his audience about the shocking result of a creativity test developed for NASA but subsequently used to test school children (see the full video below). NASA had contacted Dr George Land and…

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Sounds a bit too much like “correlation, not causation”… Do we know enough about how the brain develops throughout our childhood and adolescence to be able to state with certainty that “it’s school”, and not normal processes in the brain that regardless of schooling have been happening throughout millennia whether school, conditions of life or something else had something to do with it? It would be a most rare thing to have people inventing and daydreaming up stuff on the fly naturally when nothing in our environment was conducive to promoting such qualities and a very slow steady pace of innovation was needed for sustaining and improving life as we knew it centuries or millennia ago. Just because we have much more of a need for innovative processes to be able to generate/fuel an artificial sustained economic growth as we are terrified of having to own up to the over-utilization of resources, etc doesn’t mean that it’s natural to sustain the daydreaming and outside the box thinking of our kindergarten years.

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I wonder what the results would have been 100 years ago.