We are getting a significant do-over. RTU


I remember when the internet was starting to be something. I had my dial-up 300 Baud modem. I interviewed at *Prodigy and was not impressed with their concept even though I was one of their online members. I also worked for a company that was selling online information. It was what we would see today as a typical internet company, but it was 5-10 years too soon and required access by telnet as the internet was not available yet. It failed when its funding dried up.

Another observation of this time was the total absence of personal computers, internet, flat screen monitors, cell phones and such in general Science Fiction, print or media (movies and TV.) The imaginative people blew that opportunity.

So now we have a do-over. Just starting to hit the fan, we have AI. Those annoying things that sit in your room and listen. Those marvelous Chess AIs that are teaching us a lot of new ways of thinking. The driverless cars we keep expecting to park in our driveway.

We need to be seeing and hearing and reading stories about all of this new stuff and the new hardware that will come with it. The Science Fiction needs to tell us about the success of this new technology, not horror stories of the AI in your toilet trying to rule the world.

Back when I interviewed at *Prodigy, I saw that they were trying to put on my screen a replica of a shopping mall. The technology did not support this yet, and they failed to implement ideas that would work on the technology that was available.

Now is the time to envision how the world will be as the new things are successful. Do a realistic presentation on the world of 2035. Tell us what to expect and how what touches our lives will make them better.