We are ready, it is time


I heard this phrase echo from myself and many others wandering around Esalen.

Even the wildlife suggested it so as spring was about to sprung. Life was bursting at the seems, where everything seems possible.

On my way to Esalen I curated my Odyssey to hopefully arrive in the right frame of mind, open to what may come.

One of my concerns upon leaving (which was very difficult to do) was the thought of reentry.

The question was how to carry forth the gems discovered without losing sight of them in the cacophony of life awaiting us once we climbed the driveway and decided to turn right or left heading back out into the world.

We are probably all curious how we each felt and what we noticed as we went through our reentry stages.

Let’s use this space to share those stories, observations, and thoughts…


Arriving at the entrance to Esalen, without any forethought I got off my motorcycle, looked south down the Pacific Coast Highway acknowledging the direction of the journey here and home. Then I looked north giving thanks to the direction of journeys unknown. It was at this moment I realized I may not go home after submerging myself into this waiting experience that lie at the bottom of the driveway, Esalen.

So much happened while there, so many wonderful people, so much nature and an incredible #senseof belonging… to it all.

Upon my arrival I felt like a time traveler coming from 40 years ago when I had my eleprocon epiphany. Hence, I was not surprised, but elated when Charles shared the exercise of coming from the future to reveal what lie ahead and how we got there.

This #senseof omnidirectional communication has been with me for years. It’s why I wrote a postcard to myself from my story to greet me once I arrived home.

Little did I know what lie ahead as I left Esalen and turned left, away from home to the journey unknown. What I did discover is the answer to why I’m here now opening this space for us to share once I arrived where my family, and our story welcomed me home.

To be continued…