We have a new homepage and login area

(Justin Brown) #1

We’ve just updated the home page at www.ideapod.com to show the following:

  • Latest articles
  • Articles contributed by community members
  • Trending discussions
  • Trending articles

Also, we’ve cleaned up the login area when you log in at www.ideapod.com. You can now more easily access any online courses you’ve purchased, your Prime membership materials and update your profile picture and bio.

The home page will change regularly. It took some time to get the platform to this point so that we could make these changes. The Australian in me will say that we’re now on a good wicket and will be able to make more regular changes to the interface.

Therefore, please do keep on posting suggestions or frustrations in the #site-feedback area. It may take us a while to get to each issue, but we’re making progress.

(Mark's Myth) #2

Congrats @justinbrown… thanks for your perseverance and persistence in evolving Ideapod and bringing us to this moment in time of spring and the blossoming of Ideapod…