Welcome to the discussion on The New Story


I want to welcome everyone to this new space inside Ideapod Discussions exploring The New Story!

It’s curated by @eleprocon and inspired by his recent trip to Esalen Institute to see Charles Eisenstein and explore “A More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible”.

Here’s how this space works. Look around at the posts being shared. Then if you’d also like to contribute your own topics and reply to the posts, request membership here:


@eleprocon will be monitoring the membership requests and will welcome you properly once you join!


Thank you @justinbrown for offering this very special space for us to evolve our ideas and stay connected. As always, we have seen how when we show up as individuals ready and willing, with the right tools, community and intention ya never know what will happen… but something always does as this is the nature of synergy.

I’m pretty sure you never exactly imagined the journey Ideapod has taken, yet here we are realizing dreams from yesteryear. The mindful approach you have taken, the people who have shown up, and the feedback-loop that has shaped the Ideapod reality has been amazing to witness and take part in.

As I first said upon meeting you when Ideapod launched in beta… “I believe in what you are doing, will show up and play, I’m not sure what will happen, but something will.”

I believe with this same intent here in the new story discussions we will see what may look like a singular idea blossom into a seedpod with many possibilities.

And what timing… welcome to the first days of spring!

Enter the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible…