What do you believe to be true that not many others believe to be true?

(Bob Copeland) #35

There are many levels to “truth” as well as “knowledge”. To add to the fun, in language, the definition of words change.

(paul pellico) #36

never been a fan of the “belief” thing.
it is true or it is false.
perhaps a theory, but it better be based upon a whole hellava lotta data leading one to a temporary position.
but that isn’t a truth.
even marriage is based upon proof of love and is constantly in a condition of uneasiness and in need of confirmation.
otherwise just admit it is a hope, a world based upon probabilities because of past results, not a belief.
unless your belief is really just a hope.

(Bill Ames) #37

There is truth and there is belief. You can not survive in the vacuum of space, that is truth, no matter what you believe. I can believe my lottery ticket will win but the truth is that it will not. If you disagree give me a string of numbers to play so i can prove you wrong. All the things in the universe have no attribute that is a function of how many believe in it, it is what it is, governed by the laws of the universe. We do not know these laws very well but good enough to get the airplanes from LA to Sydney. Or this reply to be presented for you to read.

(Boonn Hem) #38

I think that men AND women should have the option to have multiple spouses. I am not against monogamous relationships BTW.

(Bill Ames) #39

Welcome back, things are too quiet here. Why not have marriages that automatically end after 5 years and must be renewed like some legislation? With multiple ships allowed the spreadsheet industry will greatly expand.