What does it mean to be human? 7 famous philosophers answer


There is nothing to debate. Do you argue with gravity, dispute the wind, deny morning or sunset? Words are a poor judge of reality.


Of course I argue with gravity and the wind, that’s called motion, there is no morning, no sunset only movement and motions. Words can be a clarity agent if used as a tool properly for clarification, a poor Craftsman blames his tools.


Words have to be interpreted by the listener and most have not learned how to do that and if they have they have their own set of meanings. DNA is a language that a cell must understand if it is to survive. Do you know you may be missing the beauty of the universe, it is here to inspire us, not argue with us.


I suspect that life is struggle, struggle is growth and growth is continuous. I don’t perceive a singular pattern like dna as language, merely a repeating echo that dies Dna is a frame, what is used however is space ,time , potential. Argument is one perception of negotiation, when I get up, I struggle with gravity, it’s not a battle but motion, it’s kaleidoscope, it’s poetry , it’s beautiful it’s a ballroom dance. Does the earth argue with the sun’s gravity, depends on your point of view.