What happened to the category of artists we recognize as Greatest Composers?

(Bill Ames) #21

I have never had any real performing talent but I did help a friend produce videos of the Bridgeport Symphony. On stage, in the corner I was nearly in the middle of the orchestra and it was a wonderful experience. Best seat in the house. The final of his 1st was so strong of a motivation I developed a story just so I could use the music. Another thing on my too long list of things to do. You were very lucky to have such an opportunity.

(ACD) #22

“… classical music has now developed two grim social functions.”

(Bill Ames) #23

Words about my music do not change the music. People and tastes change, minds are wired differently. Classical music was used in the 1930s Flash Gordon SF movies, this is probably where I was wired when they appeared on my TV. A lot of what was in the article can be accepted as representative of the current culture. This is not part of my culture, I have put it in a bubble and I live in the bubble with it. As I grew I started creating worlds that fit in my bubble. I am the game master and report to a much higher power, remember, do no harm.