What has been one of your life challenges?

(Justin Brown) #1

I’m curious to learn more about the Ideapod community and would love it if you share a challenge in your life. Can you then expand a little on how that challenge has shaped who you are today.

I’m thinking of this because I was reflecting on the life of Neale Daniher, an Australian sportsman who was struck by motor neuron disease. In a recent speech, he said that this challenge gave his life purpose and meaning.

Are there challenges in your life that shaped who you are today?

(Bill Ames) #2

In my life, I have always been trying to help make things better within the limits of my resources. The biggest disappointments were discovering that friends or family in need were so human that they could not participate in the changes they needed to make. Things that were obvious and beneficial were not registered in their minds. Having free will is such a double-edged sword, I am not sure if more harm was done over the time of conscious thoughts, then if the gods were more in our faces. At 76 I am still trying to find the magic words that will help those that seem to be beyond help. This is who I am, what is your need?

(Mark's Myth) #3

One of my biggest challenges that helped to set my life path was at 23 (c.1979) years old when I had a seizure.

It was the crack of dawn when I awoke on the gurney being taken out of my house to the ambulance.

I was on my back as we rolled out the front door. Confused, yet overwhelmed and in awe of the sky as the sun lit the scattered clouds from underneath. I’ll never forget this view of pure beauty.

It was this journey of not understanding what had happened to trigger a grand mal seizure in my brain that led to being a subject for medical students studying neurosurgery.

It was also at this time that I had wandered into the electromagnetic spectrum which provided the basis for new tools to see into the brain which were used to see into mine.

There was a choice to be made, open me up physically to take a look into my brain or not.

I choose to open my mind instead.

(Bill Ames) #4

How did you decide what to let in? Each of us lives different lives so our perspectives are all over the place. I am finding that when I see (read) or hear (listen) to a persons opinion I can often see by what they say what they have not experienced in their lives. There opinions are valid to them and often to me, but not always. It is a wonder we have survived as long as we have.