What is the best way to achieve a world that does not need expensive military components?

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Continuing the discussion from What problems that we have today can be solved now by the resources currently available?:

We need to now discuss how to eliminate the drain on our resources so we can spend them on a different drain.

(Mark's Myth) #2

“Be a fountain, not a drain”

(Bill Ames) #3

The line at the fountain is long and I am thirsty. Why only one?

(ACD) #4

I lean libertarian, so I would suggest reducing the role of government to the minimum within which I would include a very strong public education component democratically managed.

(Bill Ames) #5

Yes, but we need to have a solution for all the worlds armies, not just the US. Please include the others in your solutions.

(ACD) #6

I should have mentioned that I believe that government will only work well at the micro level. So every village should have its own public education system which is not to say that funding for education must be restricted to what is available locally.

(Bill Ames) #7

Which tribe will provide this:

(ACD) #8

Some public enterprises are best achieved at large scale. But I would then prefer that the scale be global.

(Bill Ames) #9

There nothing but micro government by your requirement. There is no large scale anymore. You can not have it both ways.

(ACD) #10

It is yet to be determined which areas are to be included in the minimum. Those very few included which can only be achieved effectively at large scale should be done globally rather than regionally.

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How did you get all those bad countries to join your society?

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See my answer to your question about influencial role models.

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I can not find such a link

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Your post there has no mention of how the person affected you. If this person had a way of eliminating bad countries, well, it did not work.

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I suppose you would say that Jesus was a failure also because he was crucified.

(Bill Ames) #17

We know that is not true, it is because of His success we have hope.

(Mark's Myth) #18

@BillAmes the idea here is not to just move precious resources to another drain… but to align what we are doing to be regenerative providing resources for nurturing life vs killing it.

(Bill Ames) #19

We do this:

A large proportion of induced abortions worldwide are due to unwanted or mistimed pregnancy. Unintended pregnancies result in about 42 million induced abortions per year worldwide.

(Mel Saint) #20

It will not happen. Armageddon is near. We can’t be naïve about it. It will be the “war to end all wars”. Scriptures has described it as “such as never was, such as never will be”. It’s the final culmination of the battle of Good vs Evil.