What is the best way to achieve a world that does not need expensive military components?

(Bill Ames) #21

This is what they said about WWI, it didn’t.

(denise wheeler) #22

War and power have always dominated since the start of time, so I doubt this question can ever be answered or the issue even resolved. Every government is based upon security and protection, of rights, land, welfare, industry etc. It’s all beautifully scripted, of course, and shaded in all those patriotic songs and lore. But behind it all is always that die hard quest to conquer and dominate in that age old guise of security and protection. Thus military spending will always come first, even in times of peace, cause you know how treacherous all those waterways and cobbled roads are. There are enemies lurking in all of them and we have to have the cannons ready or we’ll be back to bowing to the king again.

(paul pellico) #23

I see no problem with allowing others to die in my place trying to control violence.
I need to keep meditating on the big picture.

(Bill Ames) #24

If the world is just a collection of countries like the US is just a collection of states why would any country do anything against any other country? Once we all become dependent on others we are less likely to fight with these “others.”

You can not compare war of the past with war of today. It is a much different world. The people of today need to focus on what is possible today, and what is not possible.

(denise wheeler) #25

Actually, the only difference between wars of the past is the type of weaponry. Sure, the world has changed, but the motivations are still the same. Do you really think Napoleon wanted to conquer Russia for any different reason than we rolled into Iraq?

I also don’t understand your point about being less likely to fight with everyone, if we were all dependent on each other. The whole point of conquering anything, in this context anyway, is to make people/nations dependent. That desire for independence is what has led to so many wars, thus enhanced military etc.

Just look at England. It’s the master of forced colonial dependence and I guarantee that none of those subjects felt less likely to fight. They all went to battle to get out from it, including the US.

(Bill Ames) #26

How do you make a nation dependent when they and you are just a pile of hot radioactive molten rock? The world is different now, no one is going to invade anyone. There is nothing to gain that would return more than the expense of a war. The whole world must become very civilized, properly trading with its neighbors and not doing stupid things.

(denise wheeler) #27

There seems to be a pattern here – ask a question, get an answer, and then challenge it. It’s hard to have a rational discussion that way, but appreciate you wanting to make the world more civil. I just don’t think it’s going to happen in this manner.

(Mel Saint) #28

The Armageddon or World War 3 is already coming so this will never happen.

(Bill Ames) #29

Wait, this is how all the news programs work, all the political debates, how all school teachers do their job. See, I am challenging your reply!

(MAAleemQF) #30

The best way is to leave only one person alone on earth. He can live peacefully all alone without expensive military components. With just another man if we leave with him here, one of them will kill the other one. Human nature!!