What is the Bohm Dialogue and how do we best use it?

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Continuing the discussion from What is the difference between "discuss", "debate" and "argue"?:

For the sake of context we will not call this topic a “discussion” but a “dialogue”…

From David Bohm reflective of his presence of mind in the fields of quantum theory and his approach to evolving open discussions a’la his Bohm Dialogue.

What is the difference between "discuss", "debate" and "argue"?
What is the difference between "discuss", "debate" and "argue"?
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Oh, interesting. I hadn’t heard of it and just googled it. So thanks @Eleprocon. It’s always great to learn something new.

I just went through the Wiki take on it, so I’m sure just touched the surface. But it sounds a lot like what most try to achieve in marriage and other relationships, where communication becomes so central and you’re always trying to get the other person to hear what you’re really saying without all that defense and judgement.

For some it’s a breeze and for others requires a lot of therapy. Although generally it’s only the therapist that gains from that since I know plenty of couples who leave every session still arguing.

It’s definitely a skill, though, that ability to listen objectively, hear what is really being said, and respond in a valuable not punitive way, since most are so naturally defensive, and/or arrogant in always wanting to be right.

How that can be taught or untaught, I don’t know. I know a ton of people who have taken countless workshops and seminars, gone to retreats, been dunked in holy rivers, chant and mediate till they’re blue, and still can’t have a meaningful discussion.

So maybe it’s a genetic thing haha. I suspect, however, that it begins back in your youth where so much is formed and shaped.

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How best to use something “the best way” may require some ability to use it in a beginners way, I have posted here a desire to explore two topics and no one has joined the exploration. Can we try the Bohm process to get some experience?

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To be sure the aspect of exploring this topic will be interesting as when Bohm created it the facility to have these conversations digitally was not part of his equation.

Now here we are not face to face to be able to interpret the minutia of all the signals of human communication. So, mindful of that and that we are not sharing the same timespace, hence in the room together talking but tending to a fragmented dialogue… we may be needing to reset, or in the spirit of this topic…remove expectations of response loops.

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Yes @BillAmes let’s start with the focal point… what can you share with us about Bohm in general, is there something out about him or his theories that particularly stand out for you?

I find it interesting at this time he seems to be surfacing in different realms of thinking.

(Bill Ames) #6

I see this as the first step. When a teacher was in the process of explaining something they often would show an example. An electromagnet, light through a prism, a chemical reaction. All of these were very effective in demonstrating what the teacher was talking about. So I wish to see examples of the Bohm process in action. I have no opinion about him, just another smart human with new ideas. I do not know how his theories work, no examples to evaluate, so I do not have enough insight to ask questions about them. I need to use them, see others use them.

(Justin Brown) #7

This was fascinating to read, @eleprocon.

From my limited understanding, the purpose of Ideapod Discussions is aligned with the Bohm Dialogue. Early on, we could have designed this area to surface the “correct answer” to questions or topics. However, I left that part out of the design in order to encourage “free-flowing” conversations.

I think it’s really important that we have discussions in a way where we start to unpack the concepts that shape how we see and interact with the world.

I’d also be interested to use the Bohm Dialogue method here on Ideapod Discussions. Perhaps #the-new-story would be a good place to experiment with it? And @eleprocon could be the champion of it?

(Bill Ames) #8

I would very much like to first see an example of the Bohm process and then to participate in the on going activity. I have started a post where I wish to see two topics used by the Bohm process, but no one has joined. Perhaps it is because they do not know how to proceed. Having a champion of the Bohm process could be very useful to the ideapod process, IMO.