What is "The New Story?"

(Bill Ames) #1

How to use, reply, whatever???

(Justin Brown) #2

It’s an initiative created by @eleprocon. You can read more about it here:

(Bill Ames) #3

Can I post or reply there?

(Justin Brown) #4

@Eleprocon is the owner and will review the application requests. I believe he wants to first work on the space a bit and then open it up to others.

(Bill Ames) #5

I hope it comes with a manual. :thinking:

(Mark's Myth) #6

Hello @BillAmes,

Thanks for checking in to this new topic in Ideapod about The New Story.

You caught me building it out this very moment.

I do want to invite you in but its a little too soon… let me explain:

As you may have read in the posts I just returned from a week’s workshop with a group with Charles Eisenstein about his work revolving around the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible and am offering this as a gift to them to reflect upon our time there and see what can be nurtured in this space.

Although the topic is visible for all to see, be curious about and learn from, we will be opening it to comments and interaction first to the group then to those who have requested to participate.

I hope you understand and will follow along to watch the progress and maybe check into Charles’ work… therein you may find plenty to chew on.

Stay tuned…


(Bill Ames) #7

Yes, I think I understand, like a closed group on Facebook. The group name 'The New Story" is not something I am familiar with. Is that phrase related to “Charles Eisenstein?” I did look him up on the web. He is proposing that everyone be like a government and give things away. What “progress” are you going to show? Beauty is so subjective, what kind of world is he all about? Will you be putting up a group description so I can see if it has any value for me? In my science fiction screenplay, there is no need for “money” as those with a need have what they need available, you could look at it as a gift, but it is technology that gives. You can’t give things away that do not belong to you, that is theft. Where does all the gifted stuff come from? Put me on the list so I can post I have a lot of questions.