What notable person has had a significant impact on who you became in the world today?

(Bill Ames) #1

Please post a link to their wiki.

For me it is:

He was very helpful in teaching me how to think, to question, to imagine.

(Justin Brown) #2

I’m going to share someone I haven’t mentioned on Ideapod yet. John Worsfold, coach of the Essendon Football Club

I’m a very passionate supporters of Essendon in the Australian Football League.

Over the last few years, I have really admired Woosha’s (Worsfold) coaching style. He’s a man of integrity. In particular, he is highly critical of the mainstream media and how they report on the game. Also, he focuses on acting in service… Doing what you do for the sake of others, not yourself.

Football coaches understand the importance of clear goals, iterative progress and working as a team. Woosha inspires me to focus on this.

(ACD) #3

… because he tried to save the world from what it has become.

What is the best way to achieve a world that does not need expensive military components?
(Mel Saint) #4

Elon Musk for me reconciled the idea that you can be both a nerd and a billionaire.

(Bill Ames) #5

A wiki link was requested:

(Justin Brown) #6

I just wrote about Howard Zinn here which reminded me of what an impact he has had on me.

Zinn’s book The People’s History of the United States helped me to understand how important grassroots action is. Often we have charismatic leaders we look up to and we think they are the key agents of change. Yet it’s the millions of tiny acts which drive us forward. Just like in nature.

Here’s Howard Zinn’s wikipedia page:

(denise wheeler) #7


Shocking, I know. But those who impact us don’t always shape how we want to be, but what we do not want to become. I studied Johnson a lot years ago, knowing there was something far more questionable there and the impact of it taught me for the first time what a double edged sword history can be.

Sorry couldn’t figure out how to add the link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lyndon_B._Johnson

(Neil Simpson) #8

I was always attracted to the works of iconoclasts, eccentrics and outcasts or artists who go down the path not commonly followed.

Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller and Woody Guthrie were early influences on my thinking.

(denise wheeler) #9

Love Bukowski and Henry Miller and all those rebels who dared to put it out there and shine a hard light on things. Wish we had more of them now. I always ask my boys who the rebels of their generation are and they just laugh and say Kanye West and Jay Z haha.

(Deniz Comlekcioglu) #10

I thought that title would’ve gone to Bill Gates first