What Would an Open-Borders World Actually Look Like?


“Borders have turned the American Southwest, the Mediterranean, and countless other areas of our world into unnecessary graveyards for migrants. It’s time for a new way.”


Perhaps one should address their own countries problems first?


The idea being discussed in the article is “what an open-borders world would look like”. In that sense, of course it would be interesting to explore what this would mean for Australia.


Open borders between states in the US and the EU create a very practical and valuable kind of freedom. Borders are a costly economic externality.


An open borders would be a double edged sword. America being the most diversified country in the world, accepts all races from every country. It can be both chaos and bliss. Like what is happening in Europe, where the Muslims are sowing terror. In the Philippines, the Chinese are occupying our territories. And even 1% of 1 Billion is already a huge amount of population. And we have a precedent with the Filipino-Chinese Community being as oppressive as the Rich Jews during Hitler’s time.


Sounds like typical American hubris and isolationism to me.
First of all a simple google search reveals that new " Papua New Guinea is the most world’s most diverse country. Interestingly, it is also the world’s most multilingual country."

The Rich Jews comment reeks of Nazism, another recent unwelcome phenomenon in “MuriKKKa”.

I envision it as the future as transportation and communication inevitably make leaps and bounds.

There would need to be some electronic monitoring but people should be able to cross borders if there are any indeed left with A. Money, or B. References and sponsors with electronically available support money.
People could be contracted from across the globe and travel to work for starters.


I believe that “open borders” will only be possible when a person of any belief (religion, politics, social, etc.) can visit any place without any fear or discomfort. Until that time people have locked themselves in their own world for comfort and protection. Unless we have some way of managing all 7 billion (AI police?) it will be a mess.


Is this not one of the founding principles of the USA?


The US was founded for the citizens of the US. You can become a citizen but anyone else is just a visitor.


We are all undocumented aliens as far as the people who were in the Americas before 1492 are concerned.


The point is that we can not change that history. With any luck we would all still be good Roman citizens.


My point is that a hallmark of our way of life in the US is immigration.


Not really:



Do I understand you correctly to be saying that the US is not a nation of immigrants?


The world is a world of immigrants. Anyone not living in the same square foot area where their parent was born is an immigrant. I provided a graph, you need to understand what it means, it defines what we are at a given point in time. Now, there are some people who believe it is our responsibility to take care of anyone in the world that does not have a life as good as the average US citizen. That may be a nice generous attitude but the world is not our responsibility.


It has always been the other way around. The most recent immigrants do all the heavy lifting.


We are preparing the robots to do the lifting and will no longer need “heavy lifting” services. Being able to work 24/7 we can have them multi task and do not even need a one for one replacement. You need to view the world of the future, not like it was in the past. Things change. You can not even say the 7 billion will complain as they are all going to be replaced in 140 years and the new people will be very comfortable with the new world. It will be all they ever knew.


Heavy lifting is a metaphor for the most difficult work which few are willing to do, including military service since 911.


Well, the draft would give the snowflakes a real taste of responsibility. I was drafted in 1965 and it did me a lot of good. Got to know the practical side of life. Wonder how the new recruits will stand up with a drill sergeant hollering at them? They will learn, what do you call it, heavy lifting?