What's your love story in the modern age?



I’m drafting an email for our daily subscribers right now about love in the modern age, and it reminded me of the video we created a while back on the #lovestory between @eleprocon and Deborah Hefter.

Here it is:

There’s a beautiful message being shared in this video. It’s about the technologies we use to communicate our love.

Handwritten letters are using a technology created by humans. Expressing love by texting is also using a technology.

Would you also say that language is a technology? An invention by humans?

It’s a little more simple to differentiate between language and technology, by arguing that humans evolved our capacity for language, and technology is something created by humans… It seems different…

But what if it’s the same thing… What if the same processes that humans possess which created our capacity for language also are what created technology…

So that’s one theme raised by the video.

The other is about how we express our feelings of love. How mindful are we around this expression. It’s so easy to send a text or share an emoticon. We can even do it here. :heart::heart_eyes::kissing_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck::lips:

This is fantastic and part of our evolution.

But we can also take the time to reflect on love, how we express it and be more mindful about it. Sometimes it feels like human evolution and technology is a runaway train and we’ve lost control. But we have the capacity to shape it as well.

I can think of no better gateway into this conversation that reflecting on your #lovestory in the modern day and age.

What’s your #lovestory?


Language is the lovestory of the technium…

The technology of language is about relationships.

Distinguishing something and relaying it.

Is language a technology?

If you use it so. It’s a tool.

Which we seemed to have grasped quickly.

As we out an idea, language comes into play.

Even internally language is alive.

The dialog we hold with ourselves and others.

This technology is about enabling collaborations.

Relishing ideas and encouraging synergies.

Language is the #lovestory of the technium.

How we build relationships.

How we define our needs.

How we share our dreams.

How we get entangled.

How we have arrived.

How we will survive.

How we evolve a future.

How we tell the story of us.

#2birds relishing an idea


Happy Valentine’s Day @justinbrown