What's your opinion on the dark periods a person can experience in his life?

(Costas Tzouanakis) #1

All as individuals have experienced some periods in which we were acting out of our usual selves. I would really appreciate reading yours , how it started , how did you handle it , when and how did it end. And most importantly how did this period affected your “usual selves”

Thank you very much

(Bill Ames) #2

Can you define “dark periods” please? I can imagine that many people experience these as a result of decisions they have made. Are these part of the question? How about those in a dark period because of things beyond their control. This is an example of “life not being fair.” Are these excluded. The list of people who, despite obstacles, have succeeded because of their ability to keep going, those that know what their responsibilities are. These are not included. Who are you talking about? Is Justin in a “dark period” because of low use of Ideapod? Or is that a bright period, like Bill Gates building and o/s in his garage, the light will arrive eventually. I have people I know that have problems and many are of their own making, they just live in the dark. I have friends that are in the dark and bounce from more dark to less dark are not able to see the light. Help me understand your question.

(Costas Tzouanakis) #3

Maybe I haven’t expained the question correctly in the first place .

By ‘dark period’ I mean that an individual is experiencing by whatever means , a period of time that what he feels and does contrasts with the opinion he has for himself (like a kind of depression) . For example , I consider my self an intelligent and hard working individual, but at this period of time I really need to escape from my line of work , and for this period of time the only activities i think I’m capable of are just sitting arround and have some good times , and try to gather myself back together

I hope I’ve explained it correctly , I haven’t practiced my English in a while and I’m really trying my best

Thank You very much for the reply @BillAmes

(Bill Ames) #4

I am talking from my senior years, I am 75 and have lived a very interesting life. Now I am in my creative period. Because of responsibilities I had few choices in life to make to go to a creative mindset. If you are able to make choices now I suggest that you go in a direction where you can be creative. That is why we exist, to illuminate the universe with the light of creativity. If you need some ideas on what you could do I can offer some. If you have questions I will answer. You seem to understand that the world has many rooms, some have no windows and those in them are in the dark. You need to find a better place. What do you think?

(Chris Lagos) #5

I think that you can not be separated from the environment you inhabit , so it benefits you to be of benefit to it and vice versa . That could be a job or other things like beautifying your home or being a benefit to family. Dark periods in life are usually dark because our expectations of the world are not in line with reality. ( I advise fixing the expectations not the reality ).
In many ways, we do not live in the world we see , but in the wild of our ancestors . Be as strong as your environment , take on the burdens . It will improve you and the world in ways you could never begin to measure.

(Bill Ames) #6

I suggest that a decision to live in the past has less opportunity than living in the new unconstrained marvelous future. You are never a prisoner of now, you are not a number.

(Costas Tzouanakis) #7

Thank you for the guidance @BillAmes and @Csmith.

The one thing that I’m afraid of is not having explored enough since I’ve discovered that being stuck at a place and it’s routine has overtaken my desire to grow as a person and come closer to what I imagine my self to be. My kind of dark period is not having enough happy and intense experiences to contrast the neutral and the bad, I hope I explained it in a way that you could understand

(Bill Ames) #8

Why do you retain in memory anything negative? If you step out the door you have a whole world in front of you. That is intense. Do you see anything good? Yes. That makes you happy. You are not a prisoner are you? You have the ability to forget negative stuff and remember good stuff, right? Are you physically disabled? You are the boss of your life and must use this authority to make it better. Find something good and tell us here about it. Please do this.

(Costas Tzouanakis) #9

I will, I’ll consider what I see positively in my daily life and post it as a response

(Chris Lagos) #10

Hey Costas , I suggest there is more utility to be found in expecting less from the environment and more from yourself. Shoulder responsibility to reduce the suffering of others and slowly but surely transform the place you are , into a place that you want to be. Your resonance is contagious , have a good one.

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(Jesuis Laplume) #11

I must be getting old because, at almost 81 years old now, I can talk about it and not have to immediately crawl back into bed.
I have usually been deeply depressed for most of my life, starting before I even started school. My mom, a disciplinarian and my grade one and two teacher, told me often that I was a bad boy and unlovable. I used to get beaten up by the elder kids when their younger siblings were disciplined by my mom. If I couldn’t run faster than them, or did not pay enough attention, I got beaten up; but then strapped across the bare butt for embarrassing my mom because I was fighting.
Things got worse as I went up in grades, but I learned to spend a lot of time on my own; and to oversleep a lot. I read a lot and never learned to cry (the latter not a good solution, in hindsight!).
When I was 33 and found out that my wife had taken a lover, then told me about it, I had a severe reaction and was put through too-many, too-high-voltage sessions of electroshock therapy and suffered permanent, severe brain damage. Over the years I learned to cope, but only in my elder years did I see that I was living in Fear and hating it. After writing a book about just barely surviving in Fear and depression, I just up and chose to find the upside of things and it finally worked; most of the time. My latest wife finds me way too optimistic and we are now separated, but I still get smiles from most of those I talk too on the walks I use to keep me a bit more fit.
When I get down, I have trouble writing, but I do have 24 self-published books and mini-books. Now I am battling a series of mini-strokes to go along with the mini-books; but I still choose to see the up side; most of the time.
It is possible to choose one’s attitude in spite of the situations; not always easy, but usually possible.
Many tell me I do not know how bad they have things and it cannot be done. I remind them that I had to turn off the life support on my youngest son, then bury his mom about 14 months later. It took a long time for me to start smiling again; but most days I do that with no real effort at all; other days it is not as easy.
Often the only thing we can do is choose our attitude; independent of the situation. It takes effort and even commitment, but can be done! LoL
“If you aren’t laughing at life, you don’t understand it well enough - Yet!”

(Bob Copeland) #12

This is a hard question to answer. Being depressed can be the result of your brain not functioning properly which is a hard to, next to impossible problem to fix. If you are just having a blah day, but your brain is functioning correctly, then it is just a matter of doing something else which doesn’t require too much mental activity until the blah goes.

(Bill Ames) #13

You open up a path that has many obstacles. Does any human have a properly functioning brain and if they did how would they or anyone know? If so many problems of the 7 billion are brain flaws that can not be fixed is that part of the burden of being human? To progress in spite of these flaws? How can a person help someone that is depressed? Is being depressed a normal condition because a human may understand the state of the world, the state of their immediate condition and their mortality and being realistic are depressed? What if a persons beliefs, the way they were raised, was such they are more likely to be depressed but if they were removed from their situation, given insight into the flaws in their beliefs they become not at all depressed? Their minds are not broken but they can not be removed as just described. That is depressing.

(Mel Saint) #14

I am 32 and still on the prime years of my life so the dark periods have never stopped yet. How I deal with them today? Antidepressants. I take Duloxetine 30mg which is an SNRI. I also use Modafinil to make myself productive because I have ADHD. I use Modafinil to stay awake and be productive, and use Rivotril to fall asleep. I am highly dependent on drugs.
I recently bought a herb that would help my mood, I’m still testing it. I am exploring other drugs that could potentially help me. I just can’t take the strong ones like LSD or Marijuana because I have a heart disease. I am exploring CBD Oil but I am in the Philippines right now, so once I go back to US, I’ll try it.

(Mel Saint) #15

I suspect that the electroshock therapy during your time was still primitive. May I know why you decided to take that route at age 33 (I am 32 now), instead of taking antidepressants? There’s a resurgence of TDCS nowadays: transcranial direct current stimulation but they are at a low voltage only. Was the psychiatry during your time, gearing towards electrocution as it is today?

(Costas Tzouanakis) #16

I devoted my last three days working on the what is see as positive in my life.

First of all I really like myself as a character (I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing how I imagine myself, and now Im at a point that I really like my traits)

Then, I was lucky enough to be able to find a job whenever I needed to. (here in Greece it’s really difficult for young individuals to find occupation) And that led to a point to which I’m able to have some savings, that I want to invest in my studies.

And all that analyzing these days led me to the conclusion, that maybe I hold memories on many negative feelings, but that was kind of a motive for me, to be able to make changes and be productive.

(Costas Tzouanakis) #17

Nice to meet you @saintmel45

I’m in a point in my life that I do not want to involve drugs. I strongly believe (at least for myself) that everything has a solution. And I can work it out.

But my situation was different than yours. I saw youve been battling with negative feelings all your life. And after many years you found this solution.

For me it’s a “dark” period of time. Like many other times in my life. But I’ve felt happy Ive felt complete and then fell apart and stood up again.

(Jesuis Laplume) #18


I had a catatonic fit and was so rigid they carried me downstairs using my shoulders and ankles since the stairs were too narrow for the stretcher.

I imagine that they were just learning about lower levels, etc., at the time but it often takes time for changed routines to get through the system.

Even/especially experts hate to change until a serious problem occurs! LoL