When I knew that I, too, am capable of evil (continued)


Continuing the discussion from When I knew that I, too, am capable of evil:

Great story @boonnhem. I believe it was Jung or Joseph Campbell who refers to the “Shadow” that each of us have. The part of self that we operate out of that’s self destructive. Yes, where we may discover our own evil side. What I gather is, it’s good to know your Shadow. Acknowledge that part of yourself. Notice when you are operating or living in your Shadow. Then you’re able to shift back to the Self you strive to be. I know that Shadow part of me is destructive and at its worst or my worst there is evil. Thankfully we can identify it and with practice catch ourselves before we are fully engulfed in the Shadow. And pull ourselves out of it. Get back to our true nature, living in our truth. Operate out of love and strength. Campbell says it much better than I. Thank you.