When I knew that I, too, am capable of evil


Thanks for your response. Dr. Peterson did mention the Christian faith to me about forgiveness. I am working on it. :wink:


This is the first portion of your sentence, you know, I thought about that too. What is good? What is evil? I mean, all different parts of the world that term “good” and “evil” changes.


You are right and that makes it difficult to have a conversation at times. In my screenplay my aliens have one basic rule, “do no harm.” Looking at humanity from the perspective of a very advanced race that will live, individuals, until the stars go out, you can tell they understand humanity has no clue and really is not in a position to address the human good vs evil problem. As far as a human “forgiving” another human, I thought that was not something we can do, not in our job description. I started to learn about the world in the late 1940s and by those standards, well, I trust my characters to have learned from my experience.


I think that tough discussions should happen because it is way for us as humans to advance. Do you think so?


If the discussion starts with a proper definition of what is “good” and “evil” then a discussion of events can proceed. However, it is likely that it will be impossible to get any three people to agree on such a definition. Is any thing that should not have been done really evil? Is anything that was done with good intentions really good if the results were not as desired? Or if the results were as desired but 500 years later bad things resulted? Can you judge cultures from many places around the world going back thousands of years that did things we find horribly evil but it was normal by their standards, are they evil cultures or just uninformed (either by better neighbors or a “God”) What about things that were done because of a sickness (mental or physical or a combination of both) or circumstances that had more affect than they should have had? The world is complicated, are you going to fix it by discussing past actions rather than discussing future actions?


I submit that we all know truth and evil when we see clearly.


You make a dependency in your statement which holds for anything, “when we see clearly.”

One can win any argument by saying you are right because you “see clearly”, I am not sure what that means. Viewing the universe through the makers eyes? You have seen all things and know everything? Would any mortal go quite mad if they knew all truths? How does anyone “see clearly?”


By seeing clearly I mean being honest with oneself, avoiding the making of excuses for the inexcusable, embracing truth even when it shames one or requires self-sacrifice.


So, most of the world’s humanity will fail those standards at some point in their lives. What is your point?


I have been answering your question about a definition of evil.

“one needs to define a problem before one can address it”


It seems that the problem is humanity. The AIs will save us as they have no reason to act like humans.


AIs are programmed by problematic humans. Their programs will contain the seeds of human ignorance and evil but have none of the saving grace of the light of their creator. Like HAL, they will express the worst in humans with terrible unhesitation.


So, humans don’t have the saving grace of the light of their creator? I think we do and will be inspired to make the software for the AIs to be only the best. Do not underestimate the foresight of the Maker.


Humans DO have. AIs, because they are programmed by humans, do NOT have. However, if it happens that AIs should have, I will not be disappointed - only surprised.


You should not be surprised when you experience “good”, that is expected, we do not expect “bad.”


Define what is good and what is bad. For example, young people support Joseph Stalin in Russia and this man is not well seen by the Ukrainians.


Why is it necessary to focus on the past? Think of this, a knock at your door and a guy claiming your ancestor back in 30,000 BC short changed his ancestor two eggs on a trade and he wants his eggs!

We have kids who think the blackest villains in the movies are not all that bad but we don’t care. Young people with brains of mush like Stalin, and we do care?

Please tell me what the evil will be in 200 years so I can have my army of AIs ready for the fight!


We have the gift of hindsight now that the once revered leaders of the past were indeed devil’s advocates


It would be hilarious if your aliens were humans just like us but worse assholes. :):wink:


Why would an alien with 5 billion years more technology, eternal life, no problems and a prime directive of “do no harm” have anything compared to humans, except pet cats that were also eternal? Humans are only bad when they think about doing harm, humans are usually good when they care about others, like a human, animal, plant or even the planet. What do you think about?