When I knew that I, too, am capable of evil

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I just thought it was funny.
I think about all kinds of stuff, I like to mentally feel around what I think are hard questions.

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Here are a lot of things for you to think about. Please tell us which you find the most interesting.

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Abiogenesis - Wikipedia

I really like contemplating this one. I theorise that what we call the big bang happened so long ago that we can’t conceive, and that it was very small but that each body is actually growing and there is an agreed on space between the bodies because the space is also alive , as the bodies grow the space widens.

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I toy with the big bang theory spiritually in relation to the Bible creation story.
In the beginning, there was nothing. Now that’s really something to think about if possible.

If there is nothing long enough, it creates a compulsion for… Something…

I think what God said to a very small atom was a whisper "let there be potential ’

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I had to provide some backstory for my aliens so it includes the origin of the universe, why the values of the universal constants are what they are and the origin of life. Nothing contradicts humanities ideas so far but mine work much better and to my satisfaction. The aliens are very comfortable with it and will be there at the end of everything to ask questions. It is helpful when you are dealing with a trillion different advanced races and no one really argues about this because they all agree on this explanation.

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P versus NP problem - Wikipedia

I toyed with this be for a month playing pool. I theorised that I should be able to make any shot ideally done soft , with a forceful thrust if done right. Needless to say it was an interesting internal dialogue with muscle memory.

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I call it LSG law
Life is struggle,
Struggle is growth,
Growth is continuous

There must be controversy with capital exchange in order to obey the law.

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Such files may contain virus programs and should not be posted in public web sites.

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All right then, the offending post has been removed.https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XNCjH4_nu8k
:movie_camera: Luigi Pasinetti Discusses The Cambridge Capital … - YouTube

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Sorry for letting myself stray off topic from the post.