When to use the Contribute path?


contribute is a path offered for my ideas. I have buckets in discussions to put stuff and a more complicated path using the Contribute path. When should I use this, one of the others or not at all? Please advise.


Contribute is for sharing an idea or story for publication on Ideapod. Here’s how it works:

Ideapod is a media site publishing articles. We have staff writers creating articles exploring a variety of topics and an email list of about 100,000 people. We also have a Facebook page of almost 300,000 fans.

Every article that is published on Ideapod automatically creates a topic in #discussions which people can discuss here on Ideapod Discussions. The discussion appears as comments under the article. That’s how it’s integrated with the main Ideapod site.

Ideas and stories in Contribute are all about sharing a perspective that you’d like to convince others of. The scope is broad and we’ll learn what people want to talk about. At present I’ve loosely framed this as commentary on the human journey.

Sharing an idea or story is an important to build an audience around your perspective. We have a lot of readers across multiple channels. Typically, only 1-2% of people will engage in discussions as compared with readers.