Where is everybody? I am led to believe the audience here is worldwide, show me your world, please. RTU


Anyone who reads the ramblings in the “Idea Journal category” should be aware that they can write, create content, have web links, images, and even videos. It is a very convenient place to show off your part of the world.

Please consider that if you have been to some place that it is also part of your world. Do not limit yourself to your house or where you sit and explore the world through your PC or phone screen. Your footsteps on the floors in the Colosseum are as valid as those of the big cats stalking Androcles.

Sometimes circumstances allow you to experience parts of the world not on vacation destinations. Make use of such opportunities to explore the world and share your experience here.

The purpose of this (is it a post?) entry is to motivate someone who feels good about where they live or travel and is willing to share that experience. Some people may be lucky enough to have places they have been recorded on Street View so they can do a screenshot from it to share, they don’t even need a camera. Ideapod will be better when it has too many posters; please add to its success.


I’m currently with @Lachlan in a cafe in Saigon.


I have this running 24/7 as it shows me a world i did not know existed. HD, with sound and you watch people come and go, work and rest. Marvalous.



That’s quite interesting. I was in Koh Samui in August last year and could have gone to that exact bar to wave hello.