Who is Lyndon Larouche?

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Here are two contrasting answers:

Lyndon Larouche was first noticed by US surveillance agents as a member of the Socialiast Workers Party in the 1940s. He has been a thorn in the side of the Western establishment ever since, organizing resistance to postwar neocolonialism and creating a political party premised upon an economic model at odds with the postwar credit-based system. His contrarian organization has remained remarkably resilient even during and after his incarceration and recent death.

An example of the sort of nonsense it opposes:

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It seems that Lyndon LaRouche hads many views on a wide range of subjects, did not have to work at a real job so he had the time and money to spread his ideas. I recognize his name but can not think of anything that society speaks well about his contribution to humanity. Nothing wrong with that, most of us fit that description. Is he someone that should be part of a fifth grade lesson plan (my fifth grade, probably HS seniors nowadays?)

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Did you view / listen to the presentations above?

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I read up on him in Wiki. I tend to avoid propaganda, no matter what the source.

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In my view, especially on a topic as controversial as Larouche, Wikipedia defines the propagandist position.

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You can edit the wiki, you can point out the errors in its content to the wiki managers. He is not controversial to me, not even a background character. Just another TV drama. It is possible he influenced some minds, was it because of the quality of his ideas or the weakness of the minds?

There is only one of this world I would follow without question:

‘You forget to whom you speak,’ said Aragorn sternly, and his eyes glinted. ‘What do you fear that I should say to him? Did I not openly proclaim my title before the doors of Edoras? Nay, Gimli, I am the lawful master of the Stone, and I had both the right and the strength to use it, or so I judged. The right cannot be doubted. The strength was enough - barely.’"

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This sounds like King Arthur.

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If they do not agree with edits of controversial topics, they will make thw edits back-benchers. Try editing anything to do with 911, for example.

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If you do not know who is speaking than there is a great void in your life experience.

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You lost me. Please explain.

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No, here:

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Way off topic.

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I agree. But the original question, “Who is Lyndon Larouche?” is covered by the wiki and I saw no reason for him to be mentioned. There are probably 10,000 people who are more important in the history of humanity. Why do I need to spend mental CPU cycles even thinking about him?

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Please consult the materials provided.

This is my summary of thw materials.

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Yes, nice historical documents. Perhaps we should focus on the problem people of today?

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I believe you are objecting to my topic.

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Absolutely not, I just do not see what is supposed to come after I read the wiki.

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Hopefully, stimulating rational and intelligent discussion among a host of ideapoders will ensue.

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You chose the subject for discussion. Now, what is there to discuss that is more important than other topics involving people now alive?

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I believe you are objecting to my topic.