Who is who- Maria Pasvanti

(Maria Pasvanti) #1

Good morning to everyone. Thank you for accepting me in your team. My name is Maria and I am from Greece. Excuse me ; my English is not good enough. I love the topics, manners and attitudes of self control, self confidence and self improvement. I am - among other roles- a mother of a great family. For me, maternity is a great gift and a great responsibility to make children happy and prosper.
So I like to be the right person for me and the right example for my children. Thank you

(Justin Brown) #2

Welcome, @mariapasvanti!

No worries about your English and achieving perfect self-expression. It’s more about what you mean than how you say it.

Here’s a video I put together on the topic of self-improvement: https://ideapod.com/salons/the-hidden-trap-of-improving-yourself/

I’m sure there are many people like you here who want to be the best person they can be.

(Neil Simpson) #3

Hello Maria. I have become fascinated with Corfu since watching the British TV series The Durrells. Not sure if you have heard of it.