Why Communism is Becoming Popular Again


Communism is gaining steam with Americans in the form of “Scandinavian Socialism”. But asking Russian Immigrants from the former Soviet Union, no one will want to go back to the communist form of government. I do believe that Communism is attractive to countries with Monarchies such as Russia, China, North Korea. But Communism is just a more brutal form of Monarchy. The Communist leaders being the de facto monarchs. With Nazi, Obama is the Antichrist, so he is the Millenial version of Hitler, Democrats being the modern version of Nazi. Espousing liberal ideas such as feminism, abortion, same sex marriage. They would like to portray the Republicans as the New Nazi because of Trump’s white supremacist rhetoric. But if you think in terms of evil, Democrat is the Neo Nazi. We are in the end of times. Pope Francis is the last Pope. And he will steer the Catholic Church during Tribulation. Pope Francis is already 82, so if he is the last Pope, then we have a few years left for this world, before the Armageddon or World War 3. We should see the social reality in the lenses of eschatology. Because God has already preordained that there will be terrible times in the end of days. It will be like in the Age of Noah. And that time is now!


There are a string of problems with this post, but I will only address some of them.

Democratic Socialism, which is what is practiced in many countries, is so very different from Communism that that is like saying a snake is an elephant. Countries such as Canada started following the USA and its perversions of Capitalistic fascism, but we are likely going to dump all such in the near future. “The Trumpet who makes a terrible noise” has shown us what happens when a country is led by a self-centered madman is not protecting the people of the country, buy only himself.

It is quite likely that those who live in countries where Democratic Socialism are more likely to resist Communism that those who have slid into fascism. Deep down inside we are the ones to more strenuously resist the ‘dreaded’ Communism than US Americans.

The second point that I would like to make is that, while we are in chaos, as we normally are when great changes are taking place, it is because there is a huge swell in the number of humans committed to living Love-focused lives; it is this that is scaring the living daylights out of those who rule by Fear. Our Traditional Press is paid not to report on this, or any good news, but there are hundreds of millions of humans now on a journey towards our human Destiny of becoming living Love. The total number is huge compared to any other point in time, but so is the percentage of humans doing so. All is not doom and gloom but is reported that way.

It is the ones who call themselves conservatives who have become fascists and do not understand what Love is all about (even thinking that Love is weak and hate is strong, but the opposite is true). Our human Destiny is to become examples of living Love and that is happening. The fascists who preach hate and separation into the good guys, and ‘them’ who are not exactly like us, are those to be feared; but also seen for how fearful they are.

Do not expect that things will be smooth sailing for any of us; but in the end all is heading to a great endpoint! LoL

“If you aren’t laughing at life, you don’t understand it well enough - Yet!”


Socialism is the lite version of Communism


saintmel45, you know not of what you speak. That is your opinion, and many share it, but it is false.
There are many shades of everything and only some of the versions of socialism are at all like communism.
Democratic Socialism is closer to what Jesus taught than many other forms of government. In Canada, at the moment, we are backing away from trying to ape US ways, because those ways have become totally against what Jesus taught.
Do you remember the ‘commandment’ that Jesus taught his Apostles? All humans would do well to at least try to do what He asked us to do.


“The Kingdom of Heaven is within you”. The Jews at that time were looking for a Messiah that would be like King David or Solomon who will liberate them from the Romans. But Jesus preached a different kind of Kingdom. If you’ve read Pope Benedict XVI’s book “Jesus of Nazareth”, you will be enlightened about it. Liberation Theology is not in the Bible. It’s a misinterpretation of what Jesus preached.


It is likely that I have read and pondered upon more of the bible and the evolution of the Christian faith than you have.

You did not respond with the ‘commandment’ that Jesus gave to His Apostles and what it means to be a follower.
What is it?
What does it really say about following Him?

The advantage of being 80 is that you have had plenty of time to read, ponder, read some more and try to follow good advice (even if it seems hard). LoL


As far as I know Jesus is 30, not 80. And I am 30 years old. So Jesus thinks more like me. Not like an old man eventhough he’s older than Moses and Abraham.


I have tried many times to clarify where the reference to Jesus came from in the 80/20 discussion. Perhaps saintmel45 confused my first nom de plume ‘Jesuis,’ or ‘I am’ with Jesus.
I am 80 years old and Jesus was supposedly 35 years old. Where is the problem?