Why do I exist? The purpose of life is not happiness, but growth

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For over 200,000 years, we’ve looked to the sky and the gods for answers. We’ve studied the stars, cumulated the big bang, and even gone to the moon. However, for all our efforts, we’re still left with the same existential question. That is: Why do I exist? Really, it’s a fascinating question. It asks what…

(Bill Ames) #2

You ask, “Why do I exist?” If I repeat this question in my mind, am I to ask why I exist or why you exist? What is good is the answer is the same. When the universe was started, the necessary conditions were established that were to ensure the existence of life.

We have had more than 7 billion people so far, so the process worked. Now, are you asking why a person, you, with your specific mindset exists? The answer to that question is you are the sum of all the decisions that were made on the planet that would have some impact on how you were formed and grew and learned all you know.

Part of the conditions that allowed life to exist also has limited how long any individual life can exist. Existing experience can make a record of itself and to make improvements to the limited lifespan. Eventually, it will be likely we will live forever unless we die by choice or accident.

Your purpose is to contribute to the decisions needed for life to solve this problem. Make decisions is all you can do. You absorb what is going on in the world. It is usually different for everyone, and the choices made will have some impact on finding the solution or supporting our existence until this solution is found.

Do you have any follow up questions?

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@reece welcome to Ideapod and thanks for sharing your insights and passion. Yes, we seem to be a verb…

Whatever we are doing it is possible to find the perspective that we are in fact never alone and always in exchange of our life force with others and the environment.

This may be part of the essence of interbeing, of living with the #senseof true connections.

This is the feeling of life at its core. Fleeting as it may seem sometimes.

I was just sitting here thinking about the word “growth” and how it is under scrutiny these days when we step back and think about it.

This idea that all growth is good is in question.

Our basic senses have revealed we do in fact grow… get physically bigger, perceptions change, we evolve.

This idea of unbridled growth has been the model for our economies, technology and human expansion.

It may be what is actually heading us down the road to extinction…

Is that growth?

As we pass through this portal of growth we wander across the threshold of the liminal and deeper subliminal that affords us the opportunity to ask the question, “why do I exist?”

What growth am I part of and adding to?

(Barry McCormack) #6

This is indeed a really interesting question that we have surely all considered. It appears to relate to finding some kind of purpose. Existence isn’t a choice we control but purpose can be.
Many people are protesting these days about humans negative effects on climate change. No doubt they feel that their purpose at this time is to express their frustration for this state of affairs.
Personally, although I applaud them for displaying the courage of their convictions, I think that supplying everyone with the finances to all personally make change like buying solar panels would be a more productive use of their time.
I am sharing a new kind of passive income idea that I hope will improve the state of our world and all the people on it but although I consider this my greatest achievement, I don’t consider it to be the only reason for my existence. Who knows what the future might bring? Certainly not I.
My grandmother taught me that when we do something for others, it makes you both happy. A win win if you will. Wise words.

(Steph Palermo) #7

We are here because we chose to be here. Why would we choose mortality, flesh, pain, death over immortality? We choose this because we are co-creators. All of what is seemingly negative and painful is merely our spirits trying to align with the flesh and time/space reality. The father we are from alignment, the more painful our existence and eventually the transition back to the non-physical.

I actually believe our individual passages have a larger meaning, for the benefit of the universe. The better aligned we become, our universe flourishes, grows. Maybe one day when everyone is aligned, there will be no more suffering and the transition will be seamless.