Why do we have dreams? Do they truly have a deeper meaning? Are they a sign for the future?

(Justin Brown) #1

Dreams fascinate me. I remember my dreams every morning at that moment of waking up, but they quickly fade from memory as I start my day. I try to observe my dreams. Most of the time I think they’re meaningless, but sometimes they remind me of things in my life that may need a bit more attention.

What do you think about dreams? Can they provide a glimpse into the future in some way?

(Bob Copeland) #2

Dreams initially start out as observations when you as the observer see something happening. Second stage in dreaming the characters (usually unknown or amorphous) operate their own thinking in talking to me in ordinary conversation which I can’t remember unless I get out of bed & write it down. The third stage (not mine) occurs when your consciousness connects with whomever, whatever runs the universe & solves your problem (math, philosophy, whatever is driving you crazy at the moment). Sometimes I think I’m in the last stage.

(Bill Ames) #3

I usually dream every night and often they are as complete as a movie or TV show in detail. Yes, they fade quickly but I have a notepad near the bed and write down highlights so I can use them for my creative works. I do have a way to remember dreams and I can clearly remember one of my first, I must have been 5 or 6. Our dreams are how our subconscious communicates with us, it uses images we have recorded in our memory and modifies them as necessary. I will have reoccurring dreams, they take place in the same place but situation will be different. I have had dreams that reflected many of the enjoyable times in my life. They do not show us the future, that is not accessible as it takes decisions to make a future and until the decisions are made the future does not exist.