Why go to a bowling ally, you may be the best darts player in the world but have no interest in bowling?


If a creative and talented extrovert happens to pass through the Ideapod doorway, they may be initially interested. Now, assume for a minute they are spot on for the target demographic but lack any significant human flaws. Just well-rounded people that have a desire to share their world, a lot like me but fifty years younger.

They see that Ideapod appears to be a platform where they might post something helpful. They see the “discussions” area seems to be the preferred place, why not give it a flyer? What to talk about, that needs to be decided. So, looking at what others thought were helpful and who they were helping is the right place to look. Writing about darts in a bowling publication would be counterproductive.

After carefully reading through about 160 titles, making notes of the keywords used, that is important as it shows what the authors believe appeal to the audience here, there seemed to be a trend. This visitor, a potential contributor, was finding it difficult to find a match in what they had to offer, a reflection of their life experience, and what was most appealing to the audience on Ideapod. It seemed to this writer that the audience had not much interest in positive, upbeat, practical, and necessary real-life experience focused help. Such as “The five biggest responsibilities you will face in life” or “If you find the right job, you will never work a day in your life.” Or, “You can’t take it with you; why do you have so much?”

So this writer made a mental note to visit Ideapod at some point again when the needs of the many could be addressed and then welcomed by the few.