Why Nobody Attends the Church Anymore


Nowadays, only old people attend the church. Maybe if the millenials become older, they too will discover their spirituality and go back to attending church. So once the baby boomers got outphased and the millenials replace them, will we see them attending the mass? So can we tie it up on a generational basis or age basis? Do we become spiritual as we age? Those are the existential questions that I want to ask?

How can we trust the Catholic Church if Cardinal Pell, along with many priests, are convicted of pedophilia? Although this is not exclusive to priests alone. There are multiple cases as well of teacher having sex with students. So we can associate it on the culture itself not just on the Catholic Church. Because here in the Philippines, pedophilia amongst priest is not an issue. The issue here is that priests are having children in secret. So we can directly connect the pedophilia fetish with culture.


How can you trust people if there are bad people? You are an adult and knowledgeable in the ways of the world. I am sure you can make such a choice.