Why the world is how it is, is understood by the weight of decisions it must support. RTU


People are always making or not making (which is making) decisions. If you look at the results of any choice, you must also consider the decision maker. Up to a certain point in life, the decisions people make have little impact on the grand scheme of things. Past a certain point in life, the choices people make have little effect on the vast system of things. The older we are, the less we wish to destabilize the way things are. As a youth we can make many poor decisions but because we lack authority they will be ignored.

If you are in that select middle group, you are up to your ears in decisions. Car, wife, job, children, pets, vacation, buy, rent, save, spend, insurance, parents, siblings, borrow, lend, move, study, exercise, eat, smoke, drink, sleep, drugs, sex, crime, fight, flee. And that is just this week. You will lack the necessary information to make good decisions, and no one has the knowledge to make brilliant decisions. You will avoid making real decisions and by doing so are making them anyway.

You will find resources here on Ideapod that will help you find a path through the decision minefield. There appear to be two tiers of salvation, here amidst my posts you find more down to earth nitty-gritty advice. Taking the designated lift to the top floor advisors, you hear words of wisdom for world masters and those that support them.

What you have just learned here is not something to help you make a decision; you have just learned that you have a lot of decisions on your plate. Also, be advised that your decisions will impact other decision makers in your life. And their choices yet more decision makers.

If you are searching for answers to your questions, to support the decisions, you must make very carefully. Not all answers you find have anything to do with your real problems. Answers can often sound very meaningful, excellent advice. You are looking for answers. If you are a traveler in the world or new in town, you may be asking directions to the nearest gas station. You would want one that is open and is not having its tanks replaced. Some solutions may be very accurate but not at all helpful for you.