Why your awakening is such a destructive process

(Genefe Navilon) #1

Read the full article here: https://ideapod.com/why-your-awakening-is-such-a-destructive-process/

There’s no use sugarcoating it: Awakening is a destructive process. It is the painful destruction of who you thought you are and everything you’ve ever believed in. Which means spiritual awakening is hard. And I mean hard. A lot of content out there paints the spiritual journey like it’s a path of clouds and rainbows,…

(Justin Brown) #2

I enjoyed reading this article about people’s awakenings.

I see an “awakening” as being about the expansion of awareness about self and our place in the cosmos.

@Eleprocon you mentioned in another post recently that you experienced an awakening resulting one of your life challenges when you had a seizure.

Would you say that “awakening” has been a theme you’ve always focused on after this? Also, I’m interested to explore #ideation:the-new-story. Can you recommend a post to read that’s related to the awakening you may be experiencing.

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(Mark's Myth) #4

Awakening, awake, woke… as my mind comes to the present while opening my eyes a notion stirs before the light seeps in, that of a different realm from whence I came where clarity is obscured by the dark yet perfectly sensed…

It’s in these moments when all seems perfectly strung together, where you know in your deepest #senseof meaning words can not express.

How are we yet to share this, or is it we are actually tuning into something more woke than us.

This long slumber we flow from is neither here nor there, night nor day, alphabet nor logos.

It is the evolution of mind playing along with what we’ve got to work with.

It is the never ending idea luring itself into existence…