Will the world ever be rid of religion? Or is it something we will always grasp for?

(Justin Brown) #1

What’s your perspective on religion? Do you think it’s driven by a deeper human need? Will we always have this urge for it? Can we create a world without it?

I’d love to learn from everyone’s perspectives on this through a discussion. When responding, please reference other people’s responses where possible so we can create a discussion.

(Bill Ames) #2

Please clarify your question. What is religion? Is that another word for “God?” Perhaps it is another word for “our sponsor?”

Do you mean “forget?” When did the world first experience religion? Did our hunter gathers from 40,000 years ago have a “God?”

Is this a discussion on a “God” that created the universe? Is it about humanity becoming so powerful it will be “God?”

If you want a real answer to the question you would need to compare notes with the trillions of civilizations throughout the universe. But that might tell too much of a story so that may be why we have a universal speed limit, just to keep us from doing this comparison.

(Justin Brown) #3

@BillAmes people who decided to respond and join in on the conversation can answer these questions for themselves. In discussion we can explore our underlying assumptions together.

(Bill Ames) #4

No, God is always part of existence and we can not eliminate or forget this.
We do not need to grasp. It is always present, it is in your room, at your finger tips as you type at the tip of your tongue as you speak.

Part of the universe since it was established and part of the thoughts of all who think above a specific level.

Parts of our world try to replace “God” with their own power, pointless but this to will pass.

(Mel Saint) #5

We can look at religion at a purely sociological perspective and see that those people who go to mass lives longer than those who don’t. We need a structure, we need God in our lives, no matter how hard we deny this inner urge within us. Neuroscience has already proven this. We may turn into science to prove that we need God. But God is more than science, He is supernatural by nature.