Work is what works for life

(Bill Ames) #21

Can not disagree with your thoughts there, however, my alien race, 4 billion years old and lives forever has moved on. It knows DNA so well it can see what will result from any DNA code. If it wishes to replace any member of its race it can do that. In my screenplay I have not determined if gender is needed, that brings a lot of baggage as your thoughts show. Humanity as it is today is still evolving and has billions of years to get to some point. If you look at how humans and domestic animals behave, not much difference. Technology gives humanity something to do and the planet can only support so many people so progress has to be made to manage population. How many of the 7 billion would understand the ideas in this conversation?

(Chris Lagos) #22

The planet can sustain human life indefinitely.
California, I believe is the most populous of the United States, yet it is primarily barren land. When we learn (as we are) to turn dry land into wetlands, we can create cities anywhere. The whole overpopulation myth is derived from narrow minded special interests.

(Chris Lagos) #23

I believe all 7 billion could understand this conversation.
I believe Albert Einstein said something to the effect of
" If you can’t articulate an idea in simple terms, you don’t understand it."

(Chris Lagos) #24

If you know them, why call them aliens ?
When do aliens stop being alien ?
Why not call them William Taft ?
If they are perfect and all knowing, then I suspect their existence is a frozen , dead existence.
Movie Speech from Scent of A Woman - Lt … - American Rhetoric

(Chris Lagos) #25

Is–ought problem - Wikipedia

(Barry McCormack) #26

True. I hope I haven’t caused any offence with my observations, that certainly isn’t my intention. What you posted is certainly valid.
I have posted an idea I’ve called the Automatic money earning network and it’s about using technology to become more productive and earn a living. As a 65yo disabled pensioner who is basically living off workers taxes I see it as a way to regain some self esteem and not feel like such a burden.
I’m sure you’re aware there are many who can’t get work or hate their jobs and I believe this could be an example where technology would improve lives and eventually end poverty. It’s not the answer to everything but it will provide more options.
I’m sure not everyone will see the value in the idea but I welcome criticism along with encouragement. I’m still learning. I hope I’m staying on subject in sharing this.

(Chris Lagos) #27

None taken at all. I was seeking pushback. You helped me articulate my views better. Keep it up. You’re a difference maker.

(Barry McCormack) #28

Thank you kindly, that is my intention and I enjoy the way you speak without pussyfooting. Progress can be made but cooperation and clear thinking are imperative.

(Chris Lagos) #29

Your ethic is admirable. I wouldn’t lose testosterone if I were you, you probably worked hard all your life. If you think society should honor retirees better, you should put yourself in there too, although your attempts to earn extra monies adds further example to the rest of us of real American stock and ingenuity.

(Chris Lagos) #30

Personally, I think govt could take half of next year’s new weapons budget and repay social security what it burrowed so many times for war and pay it with high interest to boot.

(Barry McCormack) #31

I was born in London and came to Perth Western Australia at age 18. You should be proud of America. Your country has done so much to improve civilisation and maintain order across the globe over time. That’s not to say mistakes haven’t been made but then who hasn’t?
I’m all for making Australia great and making America great but personally I’d rather just make the world great. I hate racism. As my eldest son taught me, there are Aholes in every race and family :grinning:. I’d like to add governments to that list. Sounds like you’d agree.

(Chris Lagos) #32

I would recommend not hating racism or racists for this reason. First, seek clarity for yourself . If you hate racists , forgive yourself for having those traits , only then can you see yourself in others and forgive it.

Is it more ironic to hate haters, or to be prejudiced against bigots ? :slight_smile:

(Chris Lagos) #33

I try to see the world and countries with labels and non-labels simultaneously. I feel no hatred or particular pride in nationalism. I see good and evil.

I’ll try to expand on this line a bit. You’re in your room , the room reflects your state of mind, you want your mind organized so you straighten up the room . Hmmm… You can say , " I am so and so, this room is me , I am this territory, this is mine.
You are in you’re environment, you may expand that and become close to your neighbors , then your neighborhood can take on identity to you, belonging to each other, you may expand to your town , your state , you may say, " I’m a vermonter " and that can take on real meaning for you. You can expand still and say , I’m an American and stew in the chemical payoffs of nationalism , or you can expand still and be an earthling. You can expand still be proud of our Galaxy.
Still, you may expand and be in the universe, you are never separate from your environment, how you define it’s limits is a mental construct in hubris. I am told for example, I’m an American, it is true, certainly there is no utility in disputing the limitation. Know the big truth and don’t dispute particulars when not necessary.

Another complication arises when I say, I am … Let’s say American , then the boundary is set and because I’m American , you are not, it creates separation and tension. The positive is that aides mapping .

(Barry McCormack) #34

Good point and hate is such a strong word. I often cringe when I read back some of my statements and imagine how they might have been interpreted. Just please know that I never wish to cause harm or offence. I’ve visited many countries in my life and although America isn’t one of them, I have a high regard for your beautiful country and its values. Living with a disease that causes me chronic, somethings severe pain makes me particularly envious of your progressive drug laws but that’s another story. I’m pushing to end the war on drugs and make it a war on drug abuse. Again, you might not agree but naturally I’m seeing things from my point of view.
Sorry, I went off subject there. My bad. Drug use is not conducive to a good work ethic.

(Chris Lagos) #35

If there were a war on drugs here, we lost it. What we have is a war on poor people. You can be jailed here for feeding the homeless, feeding illegal immigrants , then when the poor turn to drugs, hey imprison them for profit. Yes I say be strong , responsible, but point out societal monsters.

(Barry McCormack) #36

I think it’s getting late there but I look forward to reading more of your posts. It’s been a real pleasure. Most of what I know about America is from tv and that clearly doesn’t paint the whole picture. I have to go out now but thank you. :+1:

(Chris Lagos) #37

Say what you need to say, offence be damned. If you think it needs said to improve things.

:movie_camera: Say What You Need To Say by John Mayer - YouTube

(Barry McCormack) #38

John Mayer - great choice, what a talent, great song. Thanks again

(Mel Saint) #39

Uber was created in response to abusive taxis who refuse to take a ride especially during peak hours. It wasn’t originally meant to displace human jobs. Maybe you’re talking about the robo taxis by Elon Musk. It’s still on its developmental stage as there are reported crashes with autonomous vehicle testing.