World War 3 is Coming


Muhammad Ali was jailed for escaping the draft. In South Korea, if you escape the military service, you will either be jailed or stripped of citizenship. I understand that joining the military means being a pawn in the chess of Imperialist America. And yet you go home, with no hands, feet, eyes, while Obama the Antichrist is sipping champagne and enjoying his retirement. World War 3 is coming, and this time, there will be no more Captain America or GI Joe, it will be a reversal of roles. Democrats will be the new Nazi Party. America will play the role of Germany during World War 2. And The Valley of Megiddo in Israel will be the final battle ground between good and evil. And then Jesus Christ will come back again, to judge the living and the dead. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re atheist or agnostic. The war excuses no one! When nuclear bombs are flying, nobody gives a shit about your philosophy or religion. It will be the war to end all warsz


Yes, the next world war will be number III. And it is in the future. So your statement can not be denied. However we do not know what the world will be like at such a time. If you like to write fiction try expanding your technology. You also need to figure out who w8ill fight such a war. People who fight need a reason and the ROI must be positive.


I don’t think WW3 will come any time soon but I do think there will be a civil war in 2020 here in the U.S.A.


You do realize that the crews of our nuclear subs have the final vote?


I appreciate that you said it’s coming, our potential is always out in front just out of reach now. Potential for good, potential for war. The imaging however pure chemical payoff theatre. Let’s say there were only good things coming endlessly, then they wouldn’t be good any longer, only a what is, a frozen frame. Reality has a complex array of potentials i, is it scary ? It could be I suppose depending on viewpoint.
All potentials are coming, which are we feeding is up to us. All the images mentioned, Obama the Antichrist sipping champagne, Democrats, the valley of megiddo, nobody giving a shit, these images are still frames in a moving world. Frames tools, tools build walls,doors and windows into a house , yet it is the space that is useful.
(Tao te ching )
Do I mean to imply that you’re exercise here is wrong ? No , we must negotiate with reality to our satisfaction I suppose. I’m not writing this for you but clarifying for myself. Thanks.


Can you do an executive summary of what you just wrote? I gave my stories characters something to exist for in three words. “Do no harm.” They discovered it when they were about a billion or so years old and found it was the basic rule for all the similar civilizations in nearby galaxies. Probably a good idea if you are going to be an example for the younger races.


I am afraid that you will fall into the path of Relativism if you go down that path of thinking. That we can have as many relativistic viewpoints as we can have and not have a single Absolute framework.