You can run, you can hide, but the future will find you, you are just another bit of data

(Bill Ames) #1

(ACD) #2

I guess this idea is no more of a leap of faith than the idea of raising one’s child by parking it in front of a television or video game. Some clergy are fairly robotic, so some robots may be able to do better. Nevertheless, I will pass.

(Bill Ames) #3

When we have access to help from our AI spiritual advisors who will only dispense the truth without judgement or bias and give those who ask for help specific things to do… Think, if you could ask for guidance and what you are told would be within your physical, mental, resources capabilities to do you would do it and advance and come back for more advice. Think of it like this, you have a minor but hurtful physical ailment and visit your doctor. Rather than just his knowledge you are shown to another doctor that has the total knowledge and history of all humanity to diagnose and treat your problem. The AI you go to for your spiritual needs will have the same access to knowledge and resources for your religion.

(ACD) #4

If only spiritual “knowledge” could be uploaded into a relational database!

(Bill Ames) #5

The AI will have all knowledge. Data, history, science, opinions, etc. It will extract that which is applicable to a particular religion. It will use knowledge of languages and how people work and all the things people have done. It will not add anything, it will just be there to provide guidance. It is possible that an AI will be made that creates a new religion based on all of the above and it may have those that believe in this new (or modified version of an existing) religion. These AI will speak in all languages. There may be AIs that take up points in time where an existing religion was modified and carry on the doctrine of those times. We may even have AIs who will be representatives of religions that exist only (until this point) in fiction. There is a lot of work for AIs, do not be afraid.

(ACD) #6

They can also raise and teach children. Maybe even make them!

(Bill Ames) #7

At some point in the future when we have the proper technology we will be able to create anything in the genetic code. Perhaps a million years from now. It is just a matter of time. However humanity may not do it as there is no reason. Using the code they could simulate realistic versions of what is possible. Sort of the ultimate virtual world. The religious AIs will be available for advice.

(ACD) #8

Sounds like a very realistic version of hell.

(Bill Ames) #9

That is provided by a different AI guild. There needs to be balance in society and if everything was good how would anyone know? And I wonder what your “hell” standards might be, to say it is realistic. Are you talking religion, politics or just the weather? Hell might be “a problem with no solution” and humanity is more than qualified to find such situations. So we do need our AIs to help us dig our way out of the pit.

(ACD) #10

You have a point here: hell is a relative term but most people would agree that it is not good. Beyond that, we might agree that it is something we bring onto ourselves. So when I call your AI vision a realistic version of hell, I mean to say that it is not good and would be deservedly self-inflicted. How is it not good? I do not want programmed responses to spiritual or otherwise human emotional questions. I also do not want robots in charge. It is bad enough with humans.

(Bill Ames) #11

So, when you ask a spiritual question, you do not want the answer based on all knowledge of your religion? Would a person with hardly any knowledge (as a percentage that could be known) to give you their best answer? If you go to the AI doctor you want the AI, when you take an airplane flight you want the AI pilot, you want your representative in your government to be an AI with your best interest at heart. But religion, no AI? Why not? Knowledge is just data, you wish compassion? The AI can do that, any language, knows all the right words. Can analyze you response and questions as well as any human could. When you drive your car it has an AI under the hood so you must feel comfortable with that? AIs are good.

(ACD) #12

I do not want green eggs and ham. I do not want them, Sam I Am. I do not want them in a box. I do not want them with a fox. I do not want green eggs and ham. I do not want them, Sam I Am.

I do not want AI today. I do not want them, Bill, I say. I do not want them when I’m sick. They simply will not do the trick. I do not want AI today. I do not want them, Bill, I say.

(Bill Ames) #13

(ACD) #14

What fun would it be to play chess with a robot who beats you every time?

(Bill Ames) #15

Suppose it was diagnosing your physical, mental, spiritual or occupation related problems and was usually always able to make appropriate corrections? Then you would always want a winner! Think about the internet today. (I know, depressing), well when I was a child computers and the internet did not exist. I know what the world was like then (and I could get into my TARDIS (time machine) and go to 1949 and fit right in, know exactly what to do, what to say, what to expect. The world is different today and I know the difference. So when I look at AI it is obvious what is happening. In 75 years the world will be as different from today as it is from today back to 1949. Enjoy the future, you are part of it.

(ACD) #16

Look, I am all in favor of using technology of all kinds to make us more capable. I am not in favor of tranferring authority from humans to machines.

(Bill Ames) #17

Your car has authority over you, check engine light? Your PC or Phone often tells you to do something (that you may not want to do) or waiting for traffic lights to change because they are adjusting traffic flow or waiting to take off in the plane and told you must wait for the network to give you flight a gate? You need a dozen passwords to navigate the web (those are permission slips) Post something that Facebook does not agree with (the filter AI) and you get banned. You are already doing the bidding of our AI brothers. It is too late to opt out. Welcome!!!

(ACD) #18

In each of those examples, there is no machine authority over humans.

(Bill Ames) #19

You are prohibited from doing things that you wish to do. In 1949 none of that existed, I was not kept from doing anything except by my morals and the cop on the beat.

(ACD) #20

All of your examples require user consent. In no instance is the relationship forced.