You can run, you can hide, but the future will find you, you are just another bit of data

(Bill Ames) #21

Your car may refuse to start, you PC may prevent you from logging, you will wait at the traffic light and the plane will leave without you if you make a fuss. If a criminal holds you up at gunpoint can the defense say you gave consent to be robbed? You are just another human under the management of small AIs that are growing stronger every day. The AIs are just part of human evolution. Enjoy the ride.

(ACD) #22

I think we need a definition of artificial intelligence before going further with this discussion.

Automation is not the same as AI:

(Bill Ames) #23

(ACD) #24

Are these examples of:

  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem solving

(Bill Ames) #25

They are examples of a solid state television that started with the first transistor. Everything has to start somewhere. Even humanity had to pass that test. Our first computers that used punch cards for programming were an example of today’s sophisticated software development systems. AI started out with the first systems that did something depending on something else. A decision made. That is how life started.

(ACD) #26

You see humans, essentially, I believe, as machines. I do not.

(Bill Ames) #27

Humans are made of atoms. Things are made of atoms. If you say something spiritual was given to humans to make them more than just atoms then that can also be given to things (AIs) to make them more than just atoms. It is not what you believe that counts, it is what is that counts.

(Chris Lagos) #28

:movie_camera: Kent Brockman - Fictional character

:movie_camera: Kent Brockman - Fictional character

I for one, welcome our new aiien overlords. This is Kent Brockman signing off.

(ACD) #29

Do artificial intelligence machines love?

(Bill Ames) #30

That is a fair question. And a lot of people would quickly reply, “what is love?” I think if an AI was given values and asked to identify the things that had those values and was programmed as an AI is programmed to receive positive feedback for making such a choice it could be defined. Now we have in humanity the following: " Unrequited love or one-sided love is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. The beloved may not be aware of the admirer’s deep and strong romantic affection, or may consciously reject it." And by that definition we have an AI who can “love”. Can we have relationships between AIs? In this situation yes. One of the problems I am having in my screenplay (science fiction concerning aliens that can live forever, are from a race billions of years old, do I need to assign gender to my characters? Their technology enables them to make one of their species from a DNA specification and technology. So far I have not decided. They can have relationships. If I were to assign a gender the audience would bring a lot of baggage to the event. Back to you.

(ACD) #31

Kurt Vonnegut, who was in some ways an extremist about love but also had a healthy dose of irreverence about it, in The Sirens of Titan :

A purpose of human life, no matter who is controlling it, is to love whoever is around to be loved.

(Bill Ames) #32

Works for me and my characters can be very close, could be defined a “love”, and AIs can love as their program permits.

(ACD) #33

You appear to be saying that love can be programmed. Please share that program here. I would love to see the instruction set.

(Bill Ames) #34

It does not work that way, you do not write an AI program. You provide a simulation of a neural network the AI can use and you give it data and a purpose and it uses this environment to learn. You can not see a conventional program. The AI program they gave the rules of chess to and let it play itself quickly became so good it easily beat the existing best human written chess program. And analyzing the games of this AI showed new ideas and new ways of thinking. An AI program that could show “love” would not make sense to you.

(ACD) #35

So can they be programmed to love? If so, what is the analogous set of instructions to the rules of chess example?

(Bill Ames) #36

Well, first rule, “do no harm.” That covers a lot of situations. Think of a young man or woman having that as their guiding light. They might find love a lot more easily then, say, the typical sitcom jerks we must endure on our TVs and Movies.

(ACD) #37

This does not cover much at all of my idea of love.

(Bill Ames) #38

There are 7 billion ideas of what “love” is. It works for me and I can use it in my screenplay. Here is a different question but of the same type. You go to someplace where food is being prepared. You are hungry. You comment, “That smells good!” Now, as with defining love, please use words to define what you mean by “good” with respect to the orders in the room.

(ACD) #39

You have hit the nail on the head. None of this can be programmed.

(Bill Ames) #40

Sure it can. Have sensors that feed the AI and prepare all different kinds of smells and they will learn. In my example the person had a lifetime learning what good food smelt like. The AI can learn the same way, just as the chess AI did.