You may be wise to avoid acquiring labels, words used to make you something you are not. RTU


Such words as theist, deist, atheist, agnostic, theist agnostics and atheist agnostics, you can find definitions all over the web, do any apply to you? Please examine the following thoughts:

(1) The universe exists for no reason at all. It was just “poof,” and there it was. Eventually, we arrived to contemplate our existence.

(2) The universe exists for a reason. Something outside the universe wanted it to be and just a “poof” later, there it was. Eventually, we arrived to contemplate our existence.

(3) Contemplating our existence is something many do, not all, it is not easy to get one’s thoughts around any off the wall option. What counts is your opinion, your belief, not mine. I worked out the source details for a screenplay I am writing and am confident I got it right.

(4) There are labels applied to those with different beliefs, some referenced above. Because we have a complicated consciousness, we have doubts (some have doubts that they have doubts) regardless of those things we want to believe.

(5) A person’s situation in life, education, responsibilities, community, opportunities, genetic construction (intelligence), health all have an impact on what they think about any subject. Some may never have a chance to contemplate their existence or what comes next.

(6) Throughout history, many individuals have spoken about their beliefs. Political and religious leaders (dictators et al.), great speakers and their followers, creative people of all skills, people in the street had an opinion. Often they were not reluctant to insist others must accept their beliefs. Some willingly agreed (or disagreed), the rest were left to form personal conclusions.

What do you believe? Can you share your thoughts, even your doubts?